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One thing i missed from Oblivion was the player statue. It gave you the feeling that you really did \"leave your mark\". Well, this mod aims to bring it back to Skyrim.

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Player Statue by Hypno (0.9.8)

BGS Forum Thread:

One thing i missed from Oblivion was the player statue. It gave you the feeling that you really did "leave your mark". Well, this mod aims to bring it back to Skyrim.

After you defeat the first dragon at the western watchtower and it is revealed that you are the Dragonborn, a travelling artist named Augustus Civello will appear in the Bannered Mare in Whiterun. After being granted permission by the Jarl (but not funding), he turns to you. For a total cost of 5000 gold, he will commemorate the event with a marble masterpiece situated next to the inn, near the stairs that lead to the cloud district.

The statue system works with whatever armour you are wearing at the time of purchase, mod-added garments included. Also, it does not suffer from the armour switching that plagued the previous game's statue (this time around, things really are set in stone!)

For the mod to be fully functional, you need to have the latest version of SKSE installed (you can find it at The plugin does work without it, just your statue will have no clothes!

Fully compatible with the followin mods. On start up, Player Statue will detect if one of them is in your load order and position the statue accordingly
- Open Cities Skyrim by Arthmoor (Open Cities Skyrim.esp)
- Beautiful Whiterun by MorninJerky (Beautiful Whiterun.esp)
- Towns and Villages Enhanced - Whiterun by Aplestormy (WhiterunInEnhanced.esp)
- ICP Immersive Cities Project by Max and Tsewe (ImmersiveCitiesProjectPart2.esp)
- 7K Better Whiterun - City Under Construction - BETA by 7K (RRBetterWhiterunInt.esp)
- The Autumn of Whiterun by Barothoth (The Autumn of Whiterun.esp)
- Detailed Cities by Dex (Detailed Cities.esp)

There will be conflicts with any other mods that alter the navmesh of the whiterun market area and/or add something in the same spot as the statue

A fix is now in place to circumvent a shader issue with Cloaks of Skyrim by Noodles (Cloaks.esp)

To Install:
Unpack the archive and move PlayerStatue.esp and PlayerStatue.bsa to your .../Skyrim/Data folder

To Uninstall:
In game, go to a cell far away from whiterun. Bring up the console and enter "setstage hps00 999". Once the messagebox appears, save the game and quit to desktop. Now deselect the mod from your load order. Go back in game, load the save then immediately make a new save. Now you can quit and remove the mod files from your data folder.

Known Issues:
Sometimes, the sculpter gets stuck saying that the statue is not ready yet (probably because the game missed its cue due to waiting/sleeping). If this happens to you, just bring up the console and enter "setpqv hps00 isReady_var 1" then talk to him again.

Cloaks have issues with the marble EffectShader (the "inside" doesnt get textured) Edit: There is a workaround in place to circumvent this issue for "Cloaks of Skyrim". Let me know if this issue persists in the other cloak mods

All the source files are included in the bsa. Anybody can use the scripts in their mods, all i ask is a small mention and to be made aware of it (i would love to see what other people do with it). Please do not upload the mod in its entirety to other mod sites, there will be updates to the mod, I do not want to have older versions i do not know about floating around the web

Thanks to everybody in the BGS Creation Kit Forum. In particular...

Amethyst Deceiver
- for helping me figure out the core mechanics

Antares, & Alexander J Velicky
- for their help and encouragement during my EffectShader troubles

Thanks to Brodual for the review video

This mod has been cleaned with TES5Edit (3.0.23 EXPERIMENTAL)