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TESV ESS files (save game) editor

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Source code is being evaluated:
The source code is being looked at for integration into TES5Edit. Loading the plugins into memory is needed to properly display the information. It will be released here as a stand alone program.

Authors Notes:
TESV ESS files editor - save game editor

This project has been abandoned. Full Turbo Delphi (Delphi 2006) source code is included in the download. Please be careful while using it. Please backup your savegame files before do any changes to your save game.

Please don't send me any information about errors and bugs in my program. I have closed development of this program.

Best regards

P.S. The source of ESS file format is taken from the UESP Wiki: www.uesp.net/wiki/Tes5Mod:Save_File_Format

Note 2013/04/23: Some elements of ESS container can be added: plugins, change forms, form ID.

Note 2013/04/21: Some elements of ESS container can be deleted: plugins, change forms, form ID.

Note 2013/04/18: "Complex load values" can now import instances, references and arrays from old broken savegame to the savegame with fresh scripts. Please use the previous version if the new import isn't working properly.

Note 2013/04/15: Added ability for prepare empty Papyrus data and import data values from other save. The idea was to function as in flexcreator tutorial: How to REMOVE ALL embedded scripts from your savegame. For my personal save game works fine but does not give any guarantee that it will work for others.
Little instruction:
- Load saved game to the editor
- Set up in Papyrus viewer
- Preparation of empty data - button "Empty papyrus"
- Load the empty save game to Skyrim and do save game with new instances of script
- Load saved game with new instances of script to the editor
- Set up in Papyrus viewer
- Load values ??from the previous save game - button "Load values" and wait, wait and wait...
- Voilà

Note 2013/03/29: Added Papyrus structure viewer for show uncompleted Papyrus scripts tree