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ATTN: This file, and my other standalone follower mods have been discontinued in favor of a page that hosts all of them as one mod, along with updates/new followers/etc.

That mod page can be found here:

Name: Nilvas Reinhardt

Race: Redguard

Eye Color: Grey

Location: Dushnikh Yal Exterior

Nilvas has received a change in armor! Please update to version 2!

Download Instructions:

Through Nexus Mod Manager (Recommended)
1. Click Download with Manager
2. Click Install
3. Done! Enjoy Your new companion

1. Download the Zip File
2. Extract the Contents (BSA and ESP) to the Skyrim Data Folder
3. Done! Enjoy Your new companion

All of my followers are created with Master Difficulty (Or Higher through Mods), and for later game in mind . That being said, if they seem broken/OP early on, or on low difficulties, that's why.

As always, my follower's are completely standalone, unless stated otherwise. I put a lot of work into their backgrounds, so I hope you take the time to read them :3

I've recently made the switch to Amazing Follower Tweaks ( upon updating my game, and I haven't looked back. I highly recommend trying it out alongside my followers. Remember to place the followers below AFT on the load order.

Please, leave comments, and endorse if you enjoy playing with my mods!

If there are any bugs or glitches, let me know and I'll gladly fix them ASAP to the best of my ability.

Version 1: Initial Release

Version 2: Armor Change to Hothtrooper's Paladin Armor

Version 3: Realized the method I used had perks stacking up way too high, so, fixed that/Added him to the Marriage Faction.


~29 Years Prior to TES:Skyrim~

"Now, what do we have here..."

"Huh?" Burguk and his father, Lurbuk had been out hunting in the rockypeaks near the Reach, when the smell of freshly spilled blood filled their nostrils. The scent led the two warriors to a tree, from which hung a Redguard baby, tied tightly around his midsection to a high branch.

Near the foot of the tree lay a Redguard couple, covered in horrid sabrecat wounds. A mace lay near the male's hand. His victims lay not much further.

"At least he took his foe down with him," remarked Burguk. "But, what do we do with this one?" He says, gesturing at the child.

Burguk's father looks up at the child, his large grey eyes staring intently back at him, as if to say, "Ready to go?"

Lurbuk speaks softly, "Well, I doubt you know what your name is, so, how's Reshrak sound?"

The child smiles, and Lurbuk chuckles to himself.

"There's something about this one. I say we take him back with us. Well then Reshrak, my wives will be excited to meet you."

~29 Years later~

"Are you sure you want to go through with this Reshrak?" Burguk asks his brother.

"Of course I do. Its gotten pretty obvious that I'm not like all of you here. And I told you, I'm to be called Nilvas now."

He places a hand on the armor he'd been crafting to steady it.

"Never expected you to be one influenced by dreams like that."

"I really don't think it was a dream. It felt... too real. Not sure what this Mara wants of me, but, this... well, it feels right."

"At least stay for one more night. We shall hold a feast for our brother Resh- Nilvas. I'm not going to get used to that for awhile."

The two chuckle.

"Alright, I'll stay one or two more nights at the most."

Nilvas picks up his hammer and adds the finishing touches to his new set of armor. He had seen it in his dream, and felt attached to it somehow. Now, its almost ready, and he couldn't wait to try it on...


Reshrak, a redguard left orphaned in the wild after his parent's death, is found and taken into an Orc stronghold, and raised alongside Burguk. He has a dream in which Mara, the Goddess of Love, calls to him. In this dream, she christens him Nilvas Reinhardt, and calls upon him to protect the weak during the Dragon Crisis of Skyrim. He does this the best way he knows how: With his battlehammer. As a new emissary of Mara, he gains new-found abilities in Restoration as well.

Perk List:

Restoration: Novice-Expert Restoration, Regeneration, Recovery (2), Respite, Necromage, Avoid Death

Two-Handed: Barbarian (2), Champion's Stance, Skull Crusher (2), Devastating Blow, Great Critical Charge, Sweep

Heavy Armor: Juggernaut (2), Fists of Steel, Cushioned, Conditioning, Well Fitted, Tower of Strength

Block: Shield Wall (5), Power Bash, Deadly Bash

Spell List:

Restoration: Fast Healing, Close Wounds, Repel Lesser Undead, Grand Healing, Repel Undead

(Hopefully) To Come:

Fully Scripted Follower Quests

Fully Voiced Followers


Geonox Hi Res Male Face Textures

Paladin Armor by Hothtrooper44

ApachiiSkyHair Male Hair #4 Meshes and Textures

MissAniThrope and chakaru11's C Eyes (Eye color 19) Texture