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ATTN: This file, and my other standalone follower mods have been discontinued in favor of a page that hosts all of them as one mod, along with updates/new followers/etc.

That mod page can be found here:

Name: Hiko Tanzaki

Race: Imperial (Akaviri)

Eye Color: Blue

Location: The Bannered Mare

Download Instructions:

Through Nexus Mod Manager (Recommended)
1. Click Download with Manager
2. Click Install
3. Done! Enjoy Your new companion

1. Download the Zip File
2. Extract the Contents (BSA and ESP) to the Skyrim Data Folder
3. Done! Enjoy Your new companion

All of my followers are created with Master Difficulty (Or Higher through Mods), and for later game in mind . That being said, if they seem broken/OP early on, or on low difficulties, that's why.

As always, my follower's are completely standalone, unless stated otherwise. I put a lot of work into their backgrounds, so I hope you take the time to read them :3

I've recently made the switch to Amazing Follower Tweaks ( upon updating my game, and I haven't looked back. I highly recommend trying it out alongside my followers. Remember to place the followers below AFT on the load order.

Please, leave comments, and endorse if you enjoy playing with my mods!

If there are any bugs or glitches, let me know and I'll gladly fix them ASAP to the best of my ability.

Version 1: Initial Release

Version 2: Realized the method I used had perks stacking up way too high, so, fixed that/Changed Morality


A descendant of a former Blade, and an Akaviri Dragon Hunter Clan, Hiko Tanzaki did what he did best; He relaxed. "The Blades aren't needed during these times anyways," he told himself.

Thinking this, he simply applied himself to mercenary work around Whiterun when in need of extra cash; slaying bandits, trolls and giants, procuring materials, and whatever else the Jarl asks of him.

While he kept his lineage a secret, his skill with the blade was well known. His name has simply escaped the radar due to his... "persuasion" of his clientele. As carefree as he is, even he is aware of the threat of the Aldmeri to anyone connected to the Blades.

"Sigh... if my ancestors were dragon hunters, why did I have to be born in THIS period. Its so dull..."

Little did he know, his thoughts would be heard by the heavens.

Upon hearing the news of the dragon attack at Helgen, and the rumors of the return of the Dragonborn, Hiko hops on the chance to travel with the hero.

"Finally! I'll get to see a real dragon up close! I wonder if they taste any good..."


Hiko's happy-go-lucky attitude belies his skill with the blade. Lightly armored, he dances around his enemies with the speed of an assassin, striking quickly while their defenses are down. His swordsmanship is rivaled by his mastery of lightning based magic. Somewhere during one of his spouts of boredom, he took up the study of the arcane. A quick learner, it turned out to be a great choice.

Perk List:

Conjuration: Novice-Expert Conjuration, Summoner (1), Atromancy, Elemental Potency

Destruction: Novice-Expert Destruction, Dual Casting, Impact, Augmented Shock (1)

One-Handed: Armsman (2), Fighting Stance, Bladesman (3), Dual Flurry (2), Dual Savagery

Light Armor: Agile Defender (2), Custom Fit, Unhindered, Wind Walker

Sneak: Stealth (1), Muffled Movement, Light Foot

Spell List:

Conjuration: Summon Storm Atronach

Destruction: Lightning Bolt, Thunderbolt, Wall of Storms

Shouts: Marked For Death, Dragonrend, Elemental Fury

(Hopefully) To Come:

Fully Scripted Follower Quests

Fully Voiced Followers


Geonox Hi Res Male Face Textures

Hothtrooper44's Akaviri Samurai Armor

ApachiiSkyHair Male Hair #1 Meshes and Textures