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This is a collection of batch scripts for quick cheating, These are cheats so backup saves & use with caution
Spell batch files give you all spells for a school (illusion, destruction etc)
Skill batch files will level your skill to 100, giving you the points to get perks and levelling you character. (Just noticed there isn't enough perk points to fill the skill path, I'll work on fixing that. :(
Armor batch files will give you armor sets. (light / heavy)
Weapon batch files will give you weapon set

Copy and past the txt files from the zip file into the root of your skyrim install, NOT the data folder, the folder a level up from that.
E.G. 'C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim'

Updating (V1 to V2)
Deleted all old batch txt files, the names of the skill ones have changed so you'll end up with old as well as new. The batch files all have 'bat' in the beginning of their name.

I have tested them and they work as far as I can see, But if anything is missing let me know and I'll fix it.
Fix'd levelling and perk issue

Adding soon:
Shouts and armor / weapon sets.

List & commands below.
All Alteration Spells - 'bat batalter'
All Conjuration Spells - 'bat batconjur'
All Destruction Spells - 'bat batdest'
All Illusion Spells - 'bat batillusion'
All Restoration Spells - 'bat batrestor'
All Spells - 'bat batspell'

Alchemy - 'bat batsalch'
Alteration - 'bat batsalter'
Block - 'bat batsblock'
Conjuration - 'bat batscon'
Destruction - 'bat batsdest;
Enchanting - 'bat batsench'
Heavy Armor - 'bat batsheavy'
Illusion - 'bat batsill'
Light armor - 'bat batslight'
Lockpicking - bat 'batslock'
Archery (marksman) - 'bat batsmark'
One-Handed - 'bat batsone'
Pick Pocket - 'bat batspick'
Smithing - 'bat batssmith'
Sneaking - 'bat batssneak'
Speechcraft - 'bat batsspeech'
Two Handed - 'bat batstwo'

Heavy Armor (Batch Heavy Armor File)
Blade Armor - 'bat batablade'
Daedric Armor - 'bat batadaed'
Dragon Plate Armor - 'bat batadplate'
Dwarven Armor - 'bat batadwar'
Ebony Armor - 'bat bataebon'
Falmar Armor - 'bat batafal'
Imperial Armor - 'bat bataimp'
Iron Armor - 'bat batairon'
Ancient Nord Armor - 'bat batanord'
Orcish Armor - 'bat bataorc'
Steel Armor - 'bat batasteel'
Wolf Armor - 'bat batawolf'

Light Armor (Batch Light Armor File)
Dragon Scale Armor - 'bat batadscale'
Elven Light Armor - 'bat bataelven'
Forsaken Armor - 'bat batafor'
Fur Armor - 'bat batafur'
Glass Armor - 'bat bataglass'
Hide Armor - 'bat batahide'
Imperial Light Armor - 'bat bataimpl'
Leather Armor - 'bat bataleath'
Scaled Armor - 'bat batascaled'
Stormcloak Armor - 'bat batastorm'

Extra Armor:
Add Thieves Guild - 'batathief'
Add Nightingale Armor - 'batanight'
Dark Brotherhood Armor - 'batadark'
All Dawnguard Armors - 'batadawn' (Only works if dawnguard 02 in load order)
Dawnguard Vampire armor - 'Batavamp' (Not all of them I think)

Daedric Weapons - 'bat batwdaed'
Dwarven Weapons - 'bat batwdwar'
Ebony Weapons - 'bat batwebon'
Elven Weapons - 'bat batwelven'
Glass Weapons - 'bat batwglass'
Iron Weapons - 'bat batwiron'
Orcish Weapons - 'bat batworc'
Steel Weapons - 'bat batwsteel'

Shouts + Souls - 'bat batsshout'
(this doesn't give you Unrelenting Force, Whirlwind Sprint or Dragonrend, Just to make sure nothing breaks). This is currently untested make sure you backup saves first!, If anything breaks let me know which shout caused it and I will fix it.

Gives a large amount of materials for hearthfire (Needs to be 03 in load order)
All items - 'Batmhearth'