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High resolution, hand crafted textures for Dragon Glyphs you see every time you learn a Word of Power. Dragon, Daedric, Latin, or Klingon available.

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The original textures from Dragon Glyphs HD were over 20MB each and since Valstein0 has decided not to update his mod I ran them through DDSopt, reducing the textures to 5MB each with no visual loss.

Drop the "textures" folder from the archive into "/PathToSkyrim/Skyrim/Data/" and overwrite.

Delete the following from "/PathToSkyrim/Skyrim/Data/textures/dungeons":

All credit goes to Valstein0 as he is the original author. His original description follows below:
A hand-crafted retex of the standard dragon glyphs you see every time you learn a word of power. So far, there are Dragon, Daedric, Latin and Klingon versions. Also, the wall that the glyphs are normally seen on was very low res, so that had to be enhanced as well.

I made these in a way that I can (relatively) quickly and easily make new glyphs, so a lot of new versions will be coming out for this as time goes on. If anyone has any ideas, please leave them in the comments sections.

Note: Due to other engagements (and other games) I do not plan on updating this or any of my other mods, indefinitely. At a later date, my interest in Skyrim may come back but until then, please do not leave impatient comments about updates or fixes.