Ethereal Ghostblade by Ekseth
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Added: 19/11/2012 - 01:15AM
Updated: 14/03/2013 - 05:09AM

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Last updated at 5:09, 14 Mar 2013 Uploaded at 1:15, 19 Nov 2012

This mod try to give the Ghostblade a more ethereal look alongside several changes to make it more usefull.

Stat :

- Base damage up to 11 (same as any draugr honed / hero nord sword).
- Add the ethereal trail effect to the blade once unsheathed.
- Charge are still unlimited.
- Unsubstantial enchantement now deal 3 points of unresistible damage for 3 seconds with a bluish fire effect on the target.
- Add an additional soul trap effect for 3 seconds.
- Will benefit from the Steel Smithing perk, but Arcane Blacksmith is still required.

Balance :

- Why the Soul Trap ?
My aim was to give the sword a "free of charge soulgem filling niche" role (and a better look!) Hopefully you'll find it usefull.

- Why Steel Smithing Perk and not Glass ?
Actually I gave it the Draugr material keyword, which in a vanilla Skyrim, fall under the Steel Smithing perk. Anyway, you still need at least 60 pts in Forge to upgrade it.

- Why the bluish Fire ?
I wasn't fond of the blue shader, especially on large target like dragon.

Compatibility :

If you have any mods altering the Ghostblade, just load your Ethereal_Ghostblade.esp AFTER them in the load order, it should work just fine.

My other mods:
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Hope you'll enjoy it :)