Re-builded and Enhanced Stronghold by Meacon
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Added: 18/11/2012 - 05:08PM
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Last updated at 11:56, 24 Nov 2012 Uploaded at 17:08, 18 Nov 2012

this mod is dedicaded to add more utillity and more trees if needed for the Orcs Stronghold by now adding to one of them that is dusnik Yal close from Markarth .
-- This mod is still beta so there is still one strong hold that has been changed and it has a 2 new merchants a smithing one and a misc one something that de orcs strongholds never had before so i decided to add that to them.
--Bugs until now found :
--Grey faces Bug (fixed) texture face gen link donwload :
Updates 1.8.2:
--Added more variety of plants & less dense ( more dense trees version coming soon)
--3 new follower's :Barbarian Orc,Mage Orc, Archer Orc
---Barbarian Orc lvl 67
-100-one Hand
-100-Two Hand
-100-Light Armor (uses Glass armor)

---Orc Mage lvl 41
-100 Conjuration
-81 Destrucion
--- Conjuration:
Storm,Flame,Frost Atronach
--Fire breath (only two words of power)
--Ice Form (one word of power)
all Shock spells without
lightning storm and shock rune.

---Orc Archer

--Orchis bow
-- 200 arrows

---More items add

--Up-Coming Updates:
--New Player Home
--Depends on the sugestions of the comunnity

--Adding enhanceds to others strongholds
--Quest(until now none)
-- More NPC and Houses