No Limit for Lifting Bodies and Objects by dDefinder
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Added: 05/12/2011 - 08:45AM
Updated: 01/03/2012 - 01:16AM

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Last updated at 1:16, 1 Mar 2012 Uploaded at 8:45, 5 Dec 2011

This will allow you to lift dead bodies and certain objects no matter how big or heavy they are.

Known issues:
Mammoths do not have ragdolls so they can't be dragged
Dragons and horses can't be dragged at all
Only certain parts of the dwemer constructs can be pick up

Z grab is now stronger!

extract the esp file into:

-Open the Skyrim launcher
-Click on data files
-Check the box for "Easy Lift Bodies and Objects"

If you have no "data files" option in the launcher

Open SkyrimPrefs.ini. File can be found in:
...\Documents\My Games\Skyrim

Find [Launcher] and add this line below it: