SPELL Conjure Explosive Braith by T3rRoR_SoLdi3R
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Last updated at 11:53, 18 Nov 2012 Uploaded at 11:52, 18 Nov 2012

This Mod is for "MMOxReview", because he loves this little girl so much. Hopefully he will see this mod. That would be really nice. :D

Thanks for showing my mod in Skyrim mods weekly and thanks to grant69 for suggesting this mod!

What the Mod does:

It adds a Spell wich allows you to summon an explosive "Braith" (nice little girl in Whiterun) wich explodes when someone attacks her.
She can also be used for "fasttraveling" but u should activate godmode before trying.

Where to find the Spelltome:

When you enter "Dragonsreach" look to the left. You will see a chest wich is called "Chest of Braiths". Open it and take the book.

Good Idea to test this one:

Kill Braiths with an explosive Braith! o.O

Hope you guys like this mod. If yes please write a comment.
Please check out my other mods too and
have a nice day!