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Do you wish that you felt more like an unstoppable titan in your heavy armor? Do you wish you didn't have to sacrifice mobility for protection? Do you want to sneak around in something that actually protects you?

This may be the mod for you!

Inspired by Morrowind's different Armor levels, I have modified Skyrim's existing heavy armor and broken it down into 2 types:

Medium Armor: (weighs less, but has a lower armor rating)
Basic Iron Armor
Falmer Armor
Wolf Armor (Companion Armor)
Ancient Nord Armor
Orcish Armor
Blades Armor
Dragonplate Armor

Unique Items:
Yngol's Helm
Targe of the Blooded
Jagged Crown
Ebony Mail (provides highest armor rating of all medium armors, similar to Morrowind)

Heavy Armor: (weighs a lot, but provides a substantial armor rating)
Banded Iron Armor and Shield
Imperial Heavy Armors (including General Tullius' chest piece)
Steel Armor
Dwarven Armor
Steel Plate Armor
Ebony Armor
Daedric Armor

Unique Armors:
Shield of Ysgramor (now only surpassed by Daedric Shield)

Medium Armor:
Dawnguard Heavy Armor
Falmer Hardened Armor

Heavy Armor:
Falmer Heavy Armor

Unique Armors:
Aetherial Shield
Shellbug Helmet

Armors listed by rating within their categories.

Note: All armors still use the Heavy Armor skill for perks/skill boost.

*******Also, to balance having heavy but powerful armor, the Steed Stone******
******* now only reduces weight of worn armor by 50%, instead of 100%. ******
Heavily armored chargers still moved slower than their more lightly armored counterparts :P

So have fun as either a slow but powerful juggernaut, or a more mobile but still armored warrior. Please provide any feedback, as I haven't fully tested to make sure every single item has been changed (best way to tell is via weight, if you feel like checking against vanilla, you can find all the weights on the Elder Scrolls wiki. Most, if not all, are different).

Also available on Steam workshop:
Vanilla Version
Dawnguard Version

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