Enhanced Shaders and Colors by OpTicTrukz
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Added: 17/11/2012 - 11:39PM
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Last updated at 23:40, 17 Nov 2012 Uploaded at 23:39, 17 Nov 2012

Ever wondered why every ENB made it seem you were looking thorugh a camera lens? Supposed;y it makes the game look better. But in my opinion it makes it look like your character is legally blind. So this is my take on a realsitic ENB.This mod overhauls the shaders and colors of Skyrim to bring a more realistic and visual upgrade without totally changing the feel of skyrim. This is basically a very basic ENB that keeps the feel of skyrim and doesnt turn your game into something only a supercomputer can run. This mods goal is to keep Skyrim feeling how it should, but giving it a look a modern PC game should have. Please endorse and share. : ) ( This is really a mod you need to try for yourself. )