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Check out the video link above. The pictures show the form best.
Video really shows the enhancements to the form, with morphing.

the ... Barbie Bones Better Weapon Placement Skeleton ...
A female skeleton with nodes remapped for that bombshell look.
A "fix all" to weapon and ammo placements problems, with an
ultra sexy form. (smoothed cures beyond the "Slider")

the ... Skeleton_Female.nif ...
A deliberate merging to the Skyrim female skeleton
without losing ANY default functionality. Painstakingly
remapped with smoother edges and softer curves. From top to
bottom, head to toes. Originally designed to make the perfect
"sexy" female form. With a real life female figure calculation
algorithm. Then added smart weapon/ammo nodes designed for
a solid default fit with anti-clipping. Along with a snug realistic
look, including scabbards.

Fix to most clipping, ... (and a few techniques below) ...
Solid default armor and weapon nodes, Reduced collisions, Scabbard float fix,
Relocated slots, Reduced clipping, Molded combo slots, Floating weapons fix,
Refined weapon/ammo rotations, Realistic snug fit, Female figure algorithm,
Dual weapon load via single "favorites" key, Molded bow and scabbard,
Full ultra sexy barbie bones skeletal system set ...
Working well with Caliente's Body Mod, and others.
Browse the picture files and a look at that bone
structure! ;)

Added support for most mods needing
skeletal systems. (have not checked them all)
(weapon offset 0.00 base with trim)

I also suggest you use the mod ...

Auto Unequip Ammo ... by Alek
(to hide your scabbard when not in use)
Auto Unequip Helmet ... by Alek
I use the helmet one too. (because they both rock!)

(set the helmet up by equipping it weapon unsheathed.
the scabbard one works automatically. good stuff!)

You may also want to consider ... Catwalk ... by Edoin
(none do the catwalk better then barbie bones)

Body shown is from:
Calientes Female Body Mod Big Bottom Edition -CBBE- ... by Caliente
(customized with the Caliente's Body Slider as stated below)
Armor shown is from:
Remodeled Armor for CBBEv3 Bodyslide and BBP ... by ChronoTrigger77
(Body Slider in this set is a real gem too, works perfectly)

You should never just "replace" key working files
without preparing to reset them if you need to.
I suggest you back up your .nifs! Then give these a try!

... Nothing like a live test ...
You only need to back up four files.


Skyrim\data\meshes\actors\character\character assets\skeleton.nif
Skyrim\data\meshes\actors\character\character assets\skeletonbeast.nif
Skyrim\data\meshes\actors\character\character assets female\skeleton_female.nif
Skyrim\data\meshes\actors\character\character assets female\skeletonbeast_female.nif

Installation: (back up your .nif files as shown above)
Unpack .rar file drop the Data drawer in your Skyrim drawer.
to Uninstall: Delete the four files and replace with your back ups.

If your having problems ...
If it helps to only use the one .nif ... [skeleton_female.nif]
by all means try that. The "skeleton_female.nif" is the main file.
The others were added for known support to other mods,
and to provide you with a full blown player skeleton.
(a player skeleton helps many things in Skyrim run smoothly)
The [skeletonbeast_female.nif] is a bit on the male side.
(no turning into a terrifying beast with a girlish form)

[Weapon offset] numbers in the body slot may cause unwanted results.
The skeletal .nifs was modeled around 0.00 the games default offset.
With a small variant to accommodate the games female armor offsets.

How find your sweet spot ...
While setting a controlled weight spread among the human females.
sweet spot: The number the weight is at (from 1 to 100) when a naked
toon has a weapon (say a dagger) in the perfect position with minimal float.
Can be tested and set from the consolel with the [player.snpcw #] command.
(once you find your sweet spot your ready) ... Hint: try 30-40+
the games average default female weight.

Zeroing in with the Slider ... (same weapon different use) ...
Use the Caliente's Body Slider to zero in on that sweet spot number.
And set your desired bode shape.

Example ...
My sweet spot number is say 40. So I set my desired shape right at 40% on both
the Slider sides. Then move all the sliders I wish to effect in the same pattern as
my desired shape pattern. The same amount to the left (for the low setting) as I
move to the right (for the high setting). Now my desired shape is right at my
sweet spot number. (a beautiful thing!) You will need a test/starting body.
So generate the style you wish, then hit the console to find your sweet spot.
After, regenerate with above method. You may need to re-adjust or tweak
using ... [player.snpcw #]. For a "fine" tuning in the console. Finishing touches
with the command ... [player.scale #] ("lightly" up or down)

Now not only are you lined up with your weapons but with the games defaults. With a
defined variant for the games human female npcs to weight. While within the non-float
zone. (again, a beautiful thing!) Some of the larger female npcs (if they are just to large)
may suffer some float. It shouldn't be much. But that's not a problem to you. Everything
for you fits perfectly. ... Save and your a weapons model! ...

If you happen to run across a female that is floating weapons help her out with
the [snpcw #] command and save. ;)

One last "trick" ... To armor modders as far as female gear. The games
average default female weight is around 30% to 40% some at 50%.
Using a [Weapon Offset] of 0.00 to 0.15 works out well for all.
The game was never designed to have such adorable shapely females.
So keep it tight to avoid "floaters" ...

You can also use the Skyrim Creation Kit (CK) to adjust/correct the mods
you have now if they cause floaters. By adjusting the [Weapon Offset] down to
the games default of 0.00 to 0.15 on the default body armor templates data.
They will be from the [Object Window]/[ArmorAddon] ... It will be the body
armors like the cuirass's or biki's. The ones usually with a "1stperson_xxx.nif"
line in the lower blank under [First Person] on their edit interface.

It's easy, double click a cuirass from [ArmorAddon] in the [Object Window].
Then take a good look at the interface. Your looking for the entry,
[Weapon Offsets].

Now you have every offset tool and technique you need!
Enjoy! ;) over 100 hours of research and design
to get it just right. perused 100's of skeletons!