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This project adds several amazingly armors to your game, totaly history/immersive related. The meaning of this project is keep all cool armors done by the community well placed and properly placed by its names, stats, frequency found, craftings, etc...

Permissions and credits
  • Portuguese
  • Polish

This is NOT a mod that pools/joins other mods togheter.

Armonizer adds the best 34 armors done by the community to the game,
using a different method to add them properly and immervise in the world.

So, this project adds several amazing armors done by several 3D Modelers/Modders of this community to your game, at the last version 2.3 adding 34 new armors, where each of them allowed me to add their work inside of this compilation, where I assume the task of: Analyse, Fix Small Bugs, Edit Stats/Names and that way balancing values, crafitings, frequency founds and all jobs related on how they will be found and appear in game (Npcs & Level Lists).

Well.. better I show what I got on this version instead of type... :)

>>> Version 2.3
- 4 New Armors Added: Marauder, Studded Leather, Hunters Coat and Spellweaver.
- Several bugs corrected. (I lost the notes of each.. sry)
- New Set Chests added around the world.
- More NPCs wearing proper armors.

>>> Version 2.2
- Added the Empire Cape at the Empire Armor Set.
- Added 3 New Armor Sets: Heavy Leather, Stendar Soldier(2 Variations) and Battle Mage Armor (4 Variations)
- Added 4 Generic Armor parts among Boots, Helmets and Cloths.
- Updated Coat of Plates armor to newest author version.
- Updated Dark Coat Plates armor, fixing no head bug.
- Fixed bug related with Ground Object of Northman armors for females.
- Removed Bosmer Plates armor from the patch for futher fixes, it will be back in a near future.
- Fixed Ground/Iventory textures and meshes for Gauntlets of: Dark Alchemist, Thalmor Guardian and Dark Plated.
- Fixed Ground/Iventory textures and meshes for Icy Campion Armor and North Rider Helmet (f).
- Fixed Tags of Forest Archer and North Rider, giving properly Set Perk bonus now. (Thanks to Solon1)
- Thalmor Guardian armor is now upgradable (Thanks to Solon1)
- Added Chest with ALL ARMORS of the pack, for testing reasons, now I make it public for help others test also! (player.placeatme XX0C91F6) XX = Mod Load Position.

>>> Version 2.1
- Fixed Chitin Set, now being a Heavy armor.
- Fixed Heavy Conqueror Hood, now being a heavy armor piece.
- Fixed Northman Armor now is totaly a Heavy set.
- Northman armor, ground image fixed. (iventory)
- Fixed Dark Alchemist smithing armor parts (Thanks to Solon1)
- Fixed Northman crafting sections to Studded (Thanks to Solon1)
- Removed the Fur from the shoulders of the Northman armor (Nivea request)

>>> Version 2.0
- Added 2 New Armors: Nord Ranger and Azure Paladin
- Updated the Northman Armor.
- Updated/Fixed Meshes of Ringmail armor. (Thanks to paoloferrer)
- Fixed bug on Update/Tempering Coat of Arms Boots. (Thanks to EmadWasfi)
- Fixed Texture problem at the Protectors Armor. (Thanks to MalevolentMC)
- Fixed Texture problem at the Iron Master Armor. (Thanks to KernelKlink)
- Changed the name of Horseman Set to Empire Set.
- Stormcloak Soldiers now wears more armor variations.
- Several armors got it stats revised and details/types fixed.

- Properly add armors to some NPCs around.
- Start to work on Level Lists for armor drops.
- Add more armors (Goal 50).
- Rework with several graphics to get a shorter file size.
- Fix bugs and general improovements.

For me this is the MOST important part of this description for two reasons: first If wasnt for the hard work of that amazing modelers/modders that mod would not be possible, and second Im VERY

thankfully for they let me put my hands on their work and compile this inside this idea, but I do 20% of the work, each of this guys are the real creators of this mod:
(order is alphabetical)

ActusReus (Northman Armours - Credo StandAloneMod & Plate Armours - Credo StandAloneMod)
FrankDema (Nordic Conqueror Armor & Stormcloak Explorer Armor & Nordic Ranger Outfit)
Jojjo (Frostmourne and Lich Kings Armor)
mancika (Templar Set)
Northborn (Fur Hoods HD)
OmegaRed99 (Omegared99 - Armor Compilation)
Teh-Husky (Morrowind Armor for Skyrim)

Obs: There are dozen of other mod authors that gave me full permission to bring their armors, but I didnt had time for it yet. :)

- This mod is compatible with any other mod that adds armors, weapons, equipments, etc.
- So, this mod is compible with Immersive Armors (from Hothopper), it wont replace any armor of his mod, and will only ADD even more, but, the loadorder of the them will matters ONLY for some NPCs that both mods changes, so if you rather have NPCs with armors from this mod, set the file ket_armonizer_lvllistnpc.esp of this mod at last (bellow other armor mods).
- This mod is ALSO compatible with mods that have also indeed its armors here, what will happens is that your game will have 2 armors with same visual, but diferent names and stats.

- I installed thru Nexus Mod Manager(NMM), and I cant see the armors in game!
a) Totaly uninstall from NMM, and remove it from there.
a) Download again, but this time do a manual download.
b) Copy the files to your data folder subscribing any warning.
c) Open your Game Starup Screen, click on DATA FILES.
d) Make sure that both files: ket_armonizer_v20.esm and ket_armonizer_lvllistNPC.esp are active.
e) Click ok.

- What happens if I uninstall it?!
a) All armors from this mod that Players or Companions have will desapear.
b) No worries about the NPCs that were wearing armors from this mod, they will just get back their original armors.
c) When you load and recive a warning of missing mod, continue loading, save the game, and load again before start playing. (thats a clean save, just for precautions).

First and foremost: I do this projects here for FUN! Im a wealthy guy who love games and mod for it with alot of free time, so no worries about donation!
What I want is your BRAIN, HANDS and TIME! How:
- TRY the mod and inform here ALL bugs you find, everything you think that could be better, anb such.
- MODEL for the project. You great on 3d and Nif, but HATES the whole process of add your cool armor to the game, leave with me! Send me the Nifs and Ddds, I do the rest. :)
- REQUESTS! Ok, you saw a cool armor, and wanna request it to be added, consider three things: It has both male/female, their inventory views are perfect and are they COOL!? So tell me about it!
- JOIN UP on creating the ideas and decisions for the future releases related with NPCS, check here: FORUM POST

Any kind of permission msg me first, just remember to save my time and yours: I dont own the rights for the armors models/meshes/textures, contact directly the authors.
For versions like other languages, small tweaks to version to some game system, go ahead.. just tell me when u done, to announce here.