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Vierna is a STANDALONE assassin follower coming by one of my characters and based on Drow Race Beta by zazemel.

Permissions and credits

otherwise Vierna won't show up on the place she should be

Read Everything!!!
I'm bored of lazy ass people asking and arguing about things already written here!!

She's not a Supermodel, She's not a Pin-up, She's not Beautiful...She's Vierna The Drow!

by Neverwinter Knight

The drow, also known as dromer, are a race of snow elves who refused the harsh terms of the dwemer and fled deeper underground where they used powerful alteration magic to change their appearance and blend in with the darkness, hiding themselves from the sight of the dwemer and any nords who manage to come so far. For hundreds of years, the drow slowly built their own society in the underground world they call the "Underdark"* until they finally built walls strong enough to repel their fallen cousins, the falmer.

Vierna, a young drow woman who existed since the time of the Oblivion Crises, had a small part in building this society in the Underdark, even though she has secretly done harm to it by serving bitter yet rich individuals as an assassin. Hoping to gain the favor of his own race, a once trusted client betrayed Vierna by revealing her identity as an assassin, and was banished from the drow city**, to die by the hands of the Underdark itself. However, with her own skills as an assassin, she survived the trials and made it to the surface world, where she waited for many weeks until her eyes adjusted to the sunlight.

For two years she wondered around a piece of the surface world called Skyrim, searching for opponents worthy of her bow and blade. She even occupied her time by fulfilling contracts from the Dark Brotherhood, being one of their most valued members. Over these two years she has gained both fame and infamy to the point where, when rumors began to spread about the coming of the dragons, she was believed to be the Dragonborn. Vierna herself heard these rumors and became increasingly interested in the Dragonborn and, even more so, the dragons. To this day, she continues to wonder around Skyrim, searching and waiting for the one they fear, in pursuit in fighting by his/her side and becoming a dragon hunter

Vierna is one of my characters and i decided to make her available as a STANDALONE follower mod based on the Drow Beta race by zazemel.
She's an assassin based follower with her own perks, her own enchanted weapon (bow: fire damage. It become a fire explosion on critical hits) and enchanted light armor. Bows are her own master weapons, but she's good on 1 handed as well.
She's player leveled, so if you are looking for a "cheat follower", she's not for you.
she's essential and marriageable.

Take in mind few things:
First: she's unique and she's not a forgotten realsm drow!
Second: Drows doesn't have yellow eyes? well...Drows usually doesn't have lavender eyes as well...but one well known drow got them.
so, i don't want to read things and comments arguing about those things.
Take in mind a simple rule: if you like it, feel free to download my mod and enjoy it...If you don't like it, go on and download something else. There are tons of other cool followers around.
I just wanted to share something i like with you and I'm not here to become popular or for endorsements.

Sleeping Giant Inn (Riverwood)

Possible Issue - Notes:
- possible neckseam if you use skimpy armors on her. She has not born with those armors in mind...
- It could happen that vierna is hiding somewhere (well not showing herself in the Sleeping Giant inn). if that thing happen, be sure to patch your game to the last version
- Vierna armor is not playable, so if you try to "steal" it Vierna will get naked and you'll get nothing. If you like her armor
and you wanna use it on your character, read the credits section below and download it from there...Btw, the textures are not the same.

Body disclaimer:
She actually use CBBE body and i won't make a new version based on UNP, ADEC or other body mods.
No one knows what will happen in the future, anyway cbbe is the only body supported for now.

Upload this mod or part of it on mediafire or similar websites is forbidden.
If you want this mod to be available on your website or blog it is ok at one condition: provide a direct link to this page so
people can download it from here and not on mediafire or similar places.

- extract the archive and paste the two folders (meshes, textures) and file (viernafollower.esp) inside your skyrim data folder
(i.e.: program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\data\ )

- on skyrim launcher, open "data files" and be sure to chek viernafollower.esp

- lauch the game

Installation Note:
be sure to have your game updated to the last version: 1.8

remove the following file:

program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\data\viernafollower.esp

remove the following folders:

program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\data\textures\actors\character\viernafollower
program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\data\textures\actors\character\facegendata\facetint\viernafollower.esp

program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\data\meshes\actors\character\viernafollower
program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\data\meshes\actors\character\facegendata\facegeom\viernafollower.esp


thanks a lot :D

This mod shouldn't be possible without the following mods, so be sure to go take a look there.
If you like them download them and be sure to give your endorsement because these guys & gals totally deserves it!

Tutorial - Creating Standalone NPCs by natilde (Vierna wouldn't be here without this useful tutorial)
Drow Race - Beta by zazemel (used her femaleheadadult.nif)
Drow retextures for cbbev3 by digitalmax (used body textures, hands textures)
Caliente Female Body - CBBE by Caliente (used body meshes, hands meshes)
ApachiiSkyHair by apachii (used peggy hairfemale 25 meshes and textures)
Eve Follower by hellosanta (face textures - edited and recolored by zzjay)
Dread Hunter and Huntress Armor by echo 1162 (used the vampire-dawnguard female version, edited textures a bit and added enchantements)
Closer Quivers and longer Arrows by EvilDeadAsh34 (used auriel arrows-quiver meshes)

thanks a lot to all of you :)

These mods are not needed to play Vierna...but they are pretty cool and useful. I seriously suggest to use them.

Nico's Gift
Ultimate Follower Overhaul (if you plan to use it, be sure to use the last version and be sure to have skyrim patched to the last version )
Closer Quivers and longer Arrows
Women of Skyrim
Unbleak ENB
Climates Of Tamriel

as always, if you plan to download them...don't miss to give your endorsement

You..yes you for downloading my mod.
R.A. Salvatore & Forgotten Realms for creating such a cool race. Drow Rocks!!
Bethesda for creating skyrim...without this game we all wouldn't be here enjoying mods now!
Nexus for creating a place where people can share and enjoy mods.
NifSkope...without this tool, we can't do almost anything lol

and now a little list of people, friends, supporter, vierna testers, enbers, screenarchers i really enjoy the company of

zzjay (the girl of some good skyrim facelifts. vierna tester)
frankdema (watch out for his upcoming armor mod! vierna tester)
CaBaL120 (the best armor texture artist around..IMHO)
Kyokushinoyama (ENB man, cool guy)
Staind716 (the 1st guy i ever talked to here and bethsoft forum...and another ENB guy lol)
schmoops9 (the 1st girl i ever talked to here lol her character Blake is awesome!! vierna tester)
ZeroKing (another ENB man, AMD GPU expert and cool guy)
Neverwinter Knight (Drow & Vierna Background)
83Willow (it's cool how many girl play skyrim, doesn't it? :D awesome girl, check her mods out!!)
Kamikazekossori (awesome guy, check out his screenies...he always write some good stories there. vierna tester)
Reima67 (if you have a bad day and you need a laugh, check out his screenies and funny pics)
trustinall (bleak-unbleak enb creator! you MUST try seems i can't get rid of it!! LOL :D vierna tester)
isinsocal (another cool girl who loves skyrim!! :D )
the screenarchers on bethsoft forum (i have to come back there sometimes lol)

if i missed someone...shot an arrow to my knee and i'll add you then lol :D