Better Uthgerd face and name by RagnarTheBlue
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Added: 17/11/2012 - 02:42PM
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Hello everyone,
This is just a small mod I made with the NPC editor to improve Uthgerd. The only things it changes are her face and name. The goal of this mod was to make her seem like the tough veteran she is, without her usual appearance of a bulldog. So I've tried to keep the super-model-look toned down and attempted to make her look like a hard, steely eyed warrior that matches her mature voice.

Her new name is "Eliza Lupercal" and I hope you enjoy the mod :)

The armor used in the screenshots is the amidianborn steel plate and I'm using a combination of Better Females by Bella, BFG - Better face gen and Xenius character enhancement to achieve her facial appearance. Links to the mods used are below.