Assassins Blade with bow damage by Alaric_
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Added: 17/11/2012 - 04:53AM
Updated: 17/11/2012 - 05:16AM

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Last updated at 5:16, 17 Nov 2012 Uploaded at 4:53, 17 Nov 2012

This is a small mod that makes a few changes to the Stealth perk "Assassin's Blade" to make it benefit those assassins that do not prefer their kills up close and personal and have invested heavily into their Archery skill.

The changes to the perk are as follows:
  • Changes the perk's displayed name of "Assassin's Blade" to "Assassin's Strike."
  • Increases the sneak damage multiplier for bow attacks to x5 when the player also possesses the Archery perk "Bullseye".
  • Modifies the description of both the "Assassin's Blade" and "Bullseye" perks to inform the player of their now combined benefit. (There is also a version uploaded that does not change the description of "Bullseye" for those people who need bullseye completely left alone.)

I have tested it and it appears to be fully functional so I am now releasing it into the wild for others so I can find out if it truly is bug free like it pretends to be in my game.

**Required Files**
Skyrim.esm (of course)
Update.esm (of course)

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