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Added: 17/11/2012 - 04:20AM
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Located west of Winterhold.
Check images for location

15/02/13 Update: Bellustu, Riverwood removed..I will no longer be supporting this alternative location.
With any luck, Mannequins unequipping gear fixed..

A Nordic underground Player home with a follower hangout.

I originally intended to just build a nice cosy starter home, but then decided to expand it further for somewhere I can put all my follower's when not using them. I could then choose from a housefull of follower's for my skyrim adventuring.. :D
For the full intent of this Player home I would recommend using the following 2 mods as they are the ones I use and like. Or any mod that does the same thing.
Although not a requirement, without them the Follower room will be quite dull and the npc's that hang out there may go nuts with boredeom :P...

Features the usual player home content:

Crafting stations
Weapon Racks/Plaques
Display case's
2 Merchant's

Use NMM to download and install...
..or download manually and unpack contents into ..Skyrim/Data.. folder

Unpack contents into..Skyrim/Data.. folder. overwrite? yes.
Deactivate then delete mod then install new file.