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I can't speak english well.

This is conversion of "Anchorite Outfit for HGEC" from "Tonas Mods Store" in oblivion mod.
Original author is Tona.

Tona's Mod can convert freely. It wrote in Tona's description.

Original link :


Here are armor, glove, boots & ornaments.
Ornaments are vest, sleeves, cloak & muffler.

It is craftable & smithing at Daedric, DragonScale.
Ornaments are craftable at jewelry.

This is CBBEv3M base.
It is compatible CBBE3. (If you are CBBE3 user, you will use it without CBBEv3M body.)
But, It is not nudity. Therefore anybody uses it.

My skyrim version is 1.8.151. I made a esp file with newest CK.
If your version is lower than 1.8, you have nothing in craft list, console(help command).
You must update new version.



It's not my Mod. It's Tona's Mod.

--------------------------------- Original Information ----------------------------------------------------
Disclaimer and Terms of Use;
You can modify this MOD freely.
When you revise this MOD and distribute it, please attach a readme file by all means.
And write my name(tona) in the readme file.
Don't forget to put Credits & Special Thanks's names.
And your readme file must write all the credit of the readme file of this MOD.

Credits & Special Thanks;
Exnem's Female EyeCandy Body Replacer
RAIAR's HG EyeCandy Body
Vanilla Beans's Script
Ookami-Shonen's Script
And All Senior Modders