Darkness Rises When Silence Dies A Dark Brotherhood Mod by Bloodangle09
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allright guys for this i need your help do you want
Riften = Thives guild
Soulitude = Dark Brotherhood
FAlkreath = Dark brotherhood
Markarth = Thives Guild
Windhelm = Thives guild
give the first letter of the City you wish or if you wish all type all

hello there Would be Assassins this mod is Designed around the idea that some time has passed since the Death of Titus Mede (around 5 years ) and the brotherhood has had enough influence to Claim an Entire town Dawnstar is know there's

New Features
Where once there wear Shining Banners Now there Are the Black Pendents of The Brotherhood
Where Once there wear Solid Defenders of The Law Now Dark Guards Patrol the streets
Where once they wore white know they wear Midnight New Armour's

Two Men from Cicero Past have returned

Pontius a clever Imperial Presumed Killed by a Bandit his Dying Body was Found By man Named Harkon and Now the New Pontius has Returned

Gorang the Defender of the crypt of the Night mother Presumed Died he was Captrued By the Morag Tong (or whats left of them) and tortured in till he succumbed to a Black rage and he awoke to find himself in a Sanctuary with an Angry Redgaurd Looking at him


Q where are Pontius and Gorang i finished the quest
A They need to be spawned using Console command Player . placeatme

Q where are there IDs
A simply type help Gorang or the other one

Q Can i use this in Xyz mod
A yes just give credit


The Dark brotherhood Ts