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Last updated at 8:41, 3 Feb 2013 Uploaded at 21:10, 16 Nov 2012

Finally it is done! My ENB is complete.



Now added skyrimprefs.ini and skyrim.ini as optional files to download with my configuration.
It has a little framerate impact (~3 - 5 FPS) but increased:
distand terrain, (better farther away textures)
a lot better shadows (4000x4000)
and trees and other objects have self shadowing

HOW TO USE: in install category

Also take one of the INI files in the download section. Trust me, it's worth it!

now with clearer nights, with brighter stars and aurora, and less cloudy days.

It has the strong intense colours of other ENB's but uses much much less performance.

    warm interiors
    Realistic dark nights
    Dynamic bokeh
    Realistic indirect illumination
    Rich colours
    blinding sun
    Realistic Lighting

i recommend putting the brightnes as dark as possible for real colours.


thanks very much for that mod mate :D
Finally i can really feel the joy of skrim

Guys i must say that - i love it! I have tried some of other performance and visual mods but THIS one is amazing. Everything looks great, colors and sharpening are pretty nice even without DoF. The great advance among others is really nice performance equall to better graphics - IMO best choice for medium hardware. Thx man!
I have always hated enb, in my opinion enb is just for screenshots, then i found PaP 0_0
Been trying to find an ENB that looked great & plays on my setup. Found it! (endorsed)
My results on a core i5 @ 2.8ghz (stock); 8gb RAM; 1gb 256-bit vRAM [OCd @ 850mhz engine; 4008mhz RAM; 1700mhz shader clock] - fps dropped from a constant 60 to upper 40s with the quality version. Plays nice with all the HD texture packs & texture pack combiner, Climates of Tamriel, Skyrim sun glare, imaginator and the other 80+ mods currently installed.

Amazing work, this is the first ENB I have been able to run!Other than that small thing, (a blue light while using electrical spell *his fail ^^)I love this ENB, thank you so much!
I dont know how you did it but its awesome! This is the first ENB I can run with DoF on! With any other it just killed my FPS but not with this one. Congratulations and thanks again! Endorsed
Great ENB! Very nice, thanks for sharing, Endorsed and I appreciate your time while working on it, so...Kudos for you ;)
Tried this ENB and I've gotta say, it's pretty good. I've been getting a lot more frame rate that of Sharpshooters
Congrats on the release. I'm trying it now. The green aspen trees in your screenshots, I've been looking for a mod like that for months since the fall thing never really appealed to me.

The only difference between the quality version and the performance version is, that the quality version has ambient occlusion.
The quality version has a extra 5 FPS hit.
Now i also added a extreme performance version. Altough i disabled ambient oclusion, detailed shadow and bloom you see almost no different, except, that the shadows might be a little blocky but you can fix that with a better shadow mod which wont cost you any perfromance.

You can decide between bright colours or darker ones. For the darker ones just overwrite the d3d9.dll of the zip with the one you downloaded. For the bright ones just copy the zips files and thats it.

Watch the comparison video of all 3 versions. A proof that there is almost NO difference.

I got 4gb Ram and 1gb Graphic memory.
When i used Sharpshooters ENB it was lagging like hell because i also use full 2k HD textures and stuff. I really couldn't bare it. So i decided to make an own ENB. If you try it, the only diffrence between these ENB's is, tat mine is a little bit brighter, but it is not lagging.
It only has 7 FPS loss.

Just extract the whole folder to your Skyrim root directory. That's: The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim.
Overwrite everything if asked.
Then go into your skyrim pref ini (its in my documents)
and change these if you haven't already


It should be working with every other mod out there except 3rd party tools OSD.
But first you have to download the enb version 0119 wrapper.

Here is the link to download it:

go to: C:\Users\for example(Fabian)\Documents\My Games\Skyrim
make a backup copy of skyrimprefs.ini and skyrim.INI and then copy the ini zip's files into this folder and overwrite these two files.

ENB v0119:

You have a choice of using the Injector or the Wrapper version. I've always used the Wrapper version, but if you have issues then the Injector version might be more suitable for you.I will be going through the steps for installing the Wrapper version.

- Go to the Wrapper folder in the ZIP archive you just downloaded.
- Extract everything except for the text files and internet shortcut.
- Put the extracted files into .../Steam/steamapps/common/skyrim/
- Start the game to verify that you have correctly installed ENB (you should have info about ENB in the upper left corner of the screen)
- If the installation was successful, then you can install a preset
- Download the preset of your choice and install it in .../Steam/steamapps/common/skyrim/ (the preset will probably replace some/most files from the ENB ZIP archive, let it do so)

This ENB will constantly be improved by me.
I will constantly try new things out and put it on Skyrim nexus.

Youtube Videos:

Video: Skyrim ENB Presets : Power and Performance ENB

An awesome video made by Hodilton

Dont forget to endorse if you like it.

Now have fun with it ^^ Fabianku

Credits to Jasmin for his dof and 3D anaglyph!
Credits go to ENBseries creator's Boris Vorontsov for ENB
Credits to the realistic lighting with customisation team!