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Just like most things on the Nexus there are duplicates but I must say that RGMage2 has done a much better job of doing the exact same thing I did. His excellent work can be found here The Alchemist's Compendium. The main difference is playstyle, his is free while mine is not.

Ever been perplexed by not being able to find that final alchemy property or have those rare ingredients which you don’t want to waste on trying to randomly find which property goes with which ingredient? Well, then this is the mod for you! Personally it dove me nuts to have three of the four options visible, so I set the goal of discovering each item’s properties. While you can get the experimenter's perk which reveals all of the properties of an ingredient by eating it, it requires a 90 skill level in alchemy, which means a lot of useful potions which you don't know how to make. After completing this task I thought I’d share it in mod form with the Nexus. So here it is, the Alchemist’s Guide to Skyrim. You can buy it from Arcadia at Arcadia’s Caldron in Whiterun. Because it is her life’s work she charges for it, therefore you can’t afford it at the beginning of the game, nor will it spawn in her inventory at a low level. When it does it will randomly spawn, so check back a few times and it will be there in her inventory. The Dragonborn option adds a second book to her inventory with just the Solstheim additional ingredients.

Three versions are included, the contents of which are self evident by their titles (as far as I can tell Hearthfire adds no new alchemy ingrediants). If you would like only a Dragonborn book without the Dawngaurd contents let me know and I will upload it.

The latest version has some minor spelling changes.

Only edits one cell, so it would only conflict with mods that edit the contents of Arcadia’s Caldron’s items

While the information from the DLC is included in the books, the DLC itself is not required

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