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Last updated at 7:20, 20 Nov 2012 Uploaded at 5:23, 16 Nov 2012

Current version: 1.25
Bolts Now Included!!!
(Note that several textures were added so the main file will have to be re-downloaded, not just an ESP update.)


Introducing the Master Dwarven Crossbow!
The fine piece of engineering is the result of lost Dwarven technology, slain dragons, and fine craftsmanship.


Basically, it's a standalone re-texture of the Dwarven Crossbow.
The crossbow can be constructed once all Dwarven techs have been found as well as Dragonbone smithing unlocked.

If just a re-texture is desired instead, please download the "Just Retexture" file instead however the "Fire, Frost and Shock bolt" textures are not available in the re-texture download seeing as they aren't in the original game's data and require an ESP.

Note that the crossbow and elemental bolts will be under the "Dwarven" tab at the forge and can only be made at Fort Dawnguard like the other crossbows. (Grab the convenient ESP if this is an issue for you)
Regular bolts can be found under the "Dwarven" tab as well but can be forged anywhere.

Master Dwarven Crossbow:
2 Dragon Bones
2 Dwarven Ingots
1 Quicksilver Ingot
2 Leather Strips
1 Firewood

Dragonbone Bolt:
1 Dragon Bone
1 Dwarven Ingot


The damage, speed and critical damage has been increased, so feedback on the playability of it would be great.

Master Dwarven Crossbow:
Damage - 25
Speed - 0.9
Critical - 15

My goal was to scale the damage and effectiveness of the bolts (and crossbow) with the level of the character.
I felt that the higher level elemental bolts should have a little more kick to them than the lower ones. (I tried not to make them to overpowered while still having them feel more powerful.)

Dragonbone Bolt:
Damage - 25

Elemental Bolts:
Force: 50 (from 30)
Radius: 250 (from 150)
Effects: 0.35 Stagger
Fire - 25 fire damage plus 20 silvered damage.
Shock - 25 shock damage and paralyzes affected targets for 2 seconds.
Frost - 30 frost damage and slows affected targets.




Patch Notes:

Version 1.25 - Recolored the elemental bolts' fletching to corresponding element.
Added 0.35 stagger to the elemental bolts.

Version 1.20 - Added Dragonbone Bolts and the corresponding elemental bolts.

Version 1.10 - Added the ability to upgrade the crossbow at the sharping wheel.
Requires one Dwarven Centurion Dynamo.


This is my first time working with textures and uploading mods on the internet.
If there's any lighting issues as well as general bugs, please notify me as soon as possible.
As well as fixing bugs, I'm making a couple more textures and opinions on what the community would like to see would be very appreciated.


Yes anyone is allowed to use this texture (including but not limited to modification of the texture) as long as the uploaded files (or mod /game) that the texture is used in are free to use as well.
This includes all the files in the mod / game as well as the ones I made.
If that's not the case, they are not allowed to use the files in question.
By including these files in the mod / game, the uploader agrees to these terms and conditions.
Just keep it free.

Credit would be appreciated.