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Ho there traveler! I see you've been lugging that pickaxe with you: expecting to do some mining? Well drop that heavy thing to the dust, my friend! No more primitive tools, no more backbreaking labor, no more dust and grime. Mine like a Mage my friend, with Extract Ore! "But wait" you say, "I still have to carry all this heavy ore into town to smelt it." Wrong! My friend, I have a spell for that too, with Smelt Ore.

What's that? Do I have... *voice drops to a whisper* transmutation magic? Of course not my boy, transmutation is illegal, banned by the Synod Grand Council in 4e 142! A Transmute Ingot spell? I have nothing of the sort!

Dementor Presents

Mining for Mages

New spells
Extract Ore- Cast on any deposit to extract the precious ores inside. This is a channeled spell: equip it in one or both hands and aim it at an ore deposit, then hold down the mouse button(s). The ore will begin to drain from the deposit into your inventory.
Smelt Ore- Allows you to smelt your ores into ingots any where, any time. Once the spell is cast, you enter the smelting dialogue: from here you can smelt anything you can at an actual smelter, including dwarven metal fragments.
Transmute Ingots- Allows you to turn any ingot into any other via a crafting menu. This spell gives you access to a unique crafting menu, where you can turn your ingots into an equivalent number of lead ingots. Lead can then be transmuted into any other kind of ingot. However, you create less lead from cheaper ingots, and it takes more lead to create more expensive ones: this spell is not the wealth-creation abomination that the old transmute spell was.

Easy: Transmute Mineral Ore is still in the game, available in the same locations it's always been. Using Transmute Mineral Ore alongside Transmute Ingots can be overwhelmingly imbalanced.
Recommended: Transmute Ingots replaces Transmute Mineral Ore. This balances gameplay far better. The spells are all still widely available and usable by most characters.
Advanced: Transmute Ingots replaces Transmute Mineral Ore, and all three spells are higher level and cost more mana. This means more specialized vendors will carry the spells, and not all players will be able to use them.

Known Incompatibilities
Mods which add new mining tools: Any mods which add new mining tools and spells will likely not work with this mod. Examples are Midas Magic's "Conjure Pickaxe".
Mods which alter the leveled item lists for spellbooks: Any mod which adds spellbooks to the level 25 (Easy, Recommended) or level 50 (Advanced) alteration and destruction spellbooks with conflict with this mod: basically, only the spells added by the mod that loads last will be available for sale.
Mods which alter the Transmute spell: Other mods that alter the vanilla Transmute Mineral Ore spell are not compatible with the Recommended and Advanced versions, but should work fine with the Easy version.

Version History
1.0: 11/14/2012
- Initial Release
1.1: 11/16/2012
- Removed MineOreScript for compatibility purposes
- Removed a potentially offensive term from the easy version filename
- Added an Advanced version
- Fixed a bug where some vendors would carry two copies of Smelt Ore

Where can I find these spells? Wherever spells are sold: they've been added to the leveled items tables, so anyone that sells alteration (Transmute Ingot and Extract Ore) and destruction (Smelt Ore) spells should carry them. All are level 25 spells, and so should be available at the start of the game from most spell vendors. If you're using the Advanced version, you must be have level 40 in alteration (Extract and Transmute) and destruction (Smelt) before they will show up in vendors, and even then the number of vendors who will carry them is limited.
How do I install this mod? Unpacking the zip into your data folder should do the trick.