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This mod Aim’s to add lore friendly followers with unique but lore friendly armour’s

It is still a work in progress as I have not made all the followers I wish to make but so far it adds 6 followers 2 Dark elves 2 Orc’s and 2 Argonian’s 5 of which have unique armors

-What it does
-The Followers
-Bugs and Issues
-Final note

latest vertion of ApachiiSkyHair by Apachii

UNP body mod is recommended because it is what was used by sesamin in the armor mod but it is not necessary!

---What it Does---
- 6 followers (more to come)
- Unique Armours for each
- Home for all the followers (located outside Chillfurrow farm in Whiterun)

---The Followers---

Dark elves - female
2 handed specialist
Unique Armour
- mage skirt
- ebony upper Armour
- ebony belt
- ebony shoulders

Dark elves - female
Destruction specialist
Unique Armour
- ebony shoulders
- ebony belt

Gro Gungar
Orcs - male
2 handed specialist
Unique Armour
- none yet

Orc's - female
Archer/Missile specialist
Unique Armour
- under armor top (chef)
- lower orcish armour

Argonian's - male
Duel Wielding specialist
Unique Armour
- giant's loincloth

Argonian's - female
Destruction specialist
Unique Armour
- under armor top (barmaid)
- steel plate pant's
- hammerfell belt

1. download
2. extract files to overwrite data folder in skyrim directory

---Work in Progress - ISSUE and BUGS---
The hero's hall cell is broken do not uses the followers inside they will not leave the cell use the versions of the followers standing on the doorstep for now. if any of you know why this might be please PM me. also there is some compatibility issues with UFO follower overall but it is nothing major you just can't have more than 2 followers from this mod following you at any time. If any of you know whats casing this problem please PM me. ( i have uploaded unfinished because i want to focus on my upcoming mod horker's of skyrim)

---Want see your character as a follower?---
Once i hit 100 downloads I would like you to upload pictures of you character (PG please!) and if i like them i will get you to send me a save game of them and i will make them a follower, add them to this mod and give them some unique armor (only vanilla races please)

Combination Vanilla Outfit for UNP by sesamin - for armor parts
ApachiiSkyHair by Apachii - for the hair

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