Skyforge Scale Armor by Croc
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Added: 14/11/2012 - 09:47PM
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Name: Skyforge Scale Armor
Version: 0.5
Date: 11/14/2012
Category: Armour
Author: Croc

This File cannot be used in any way shape or form as content for a paid mod.

This mod contains a set of Skyforge Steel armor that can be forged at the Skyforge and only after the companions main quest. REQUIRES ADVANCED ARMOR PERK

The mod contains
- Cuirass
- Boots
- Gauntlets
- Helmet
- contains both male and female versions
- Beast Races are WIP but coming soon.
- Heavy armor version also WIP


1. Place the files in your data files folder
2. activate in your data files from the skyrim launcher.
3. Complete the Companions questline
4. Forge at the Skyforge under Steel
5. Profit!

Known Issues
The female texture is not HD and will be so at a later date
maybe some small clipping bugs dont worry about them some are unavoidable.

11/14/2012- Version .5 Initial Release

The talented phoenixhunter1985 for scale the armour texture.
The awesome defunkt for Iron sleeve models and texture.
shingouki2002 for original helmet model
Bethesda for their excellent product.
The Scandinavian people for their culture allowing skyrim's nords to exist.
The Old Gods for their wisdom.