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Falcon Rise - Player Home by M7.

You inherited this tiny Island off the coast of Dawnstar, complete with a small Castle and its furnishings. Falcon Rise is your beachfront home, and it comes with Dwarven Elf technology: internal heating. Explore your new abode - take a swim in the heated subterranean pool, cook up an Egg Omelette in the Pantry, or sleep in the Falcon's Nest above. Included is sufficient storage space in marked "Safe" chests.

Updated: 11/14/2012 from Steam Workshop.


update: 11/15/2012:

- I added a Conservatory and Vault with passageway.
- I corrected the Book (Last Will).
- In the Vault there is much more storage available.
- Some Misc. changes.


Included: v.1.2

- Blacksmithing Forge & utilities in "Shield & Swords" room.
- Cooking utility in Pantry.
- Enchanting Station in Mage Tower.
- Alchemy Station in Pantry.
- Tanning Racks.
- Beds in Falcon's Nest (bedroom)
- Swimming Pool (cross shape) underground.
- Plants in Conservatory room.
- Simulated Controls for Steam in Engine room.
- Hidden passageway.
- Chests that are marked "Safe" for storage, and "Respawn" for endless supply.
- Healing Shrines in Mage library.
- Waterbreathing items in Pool area.
- Custom food recipes for cooking utility.
- Pet dog Spotty who barks.
- Scrolls and Skill books, & Soul Gems in Mage library.
- Some Navmeshing (interiors).
- Various bedrolls in rooms.
- Large Vault room with storage.
- Dining room, Pantry, towers, Vault, Bedroom, utility rooms, bathroom, Conservatory, etc.

v.1.3: (11/19/2012):

- I added a Mausoleum below Pool Room.
- Numerous Display cases are in Mausoleum (Tomb), along with Former Occupant (ghost).
- Look for trapdoor in Pool Room near ladder.


v.1.4: (11/19/2012):
- I added working mannequins, weapon racks and bookshelves to Vault.


v.1.5 (11/20/2012):

- I added a working Wine Maker that creates wine and mead (in Pantry).