Stoop Over Markarth -- Vlindrel Hall Elevated Patio by marxercise
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Who says nothing changes in a city of stone?

Vlindrel Hall is one swanky cave. So why the puny landing out front? Even if the Dwemer weren't big on landscaping, why dishonor such a panorama? Just another example of the sort of shortsightedness that gets a race derezzed.

The stoop arcs left, enwreathing the steep cascade of an underground stream, and terminates on the opposite face beneath Markarth's luckiest juniper. That there is no railing offers an unobstructed view of the majestic city, but homeowners not heeding the elevation is why Vlindrel Hall was on the market in the first place! And please observe Markarth's strict no-spitting ordinance: People are trying to sell baskets.

drop everything into Skyrim/Data/
(contains ESP + 2 non-replacing NIFs)

Some have reported that v1.7 can prevent the mod from loading, and that, upon upgrading to v1.8, the mod reappears.

It's always nice to see screenshots posted of your characters lounging around out back.

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