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Unlimited Amulets and Rings, made with modern modding tools

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NOTICE: I am no longer maintaining Legendary Edition mods, so this mod is now formally unsupported and unmaintained.

A sadly necessary bit of boilerplate. The Nexus is the only legitimate location where you should find this mod. If you find it in any other location, particularly if that location has required you to pay to be able to download the mod, be aware that someone who isn't me is providing unauthorised (that is, pirated) and unsupported goods and you should avoid them. It might be nice to tell me about it too :)

Also now available for SSE

NOTE: Now that EK_RingLimiter (http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/26355) supports amulets and necklaces as well as rings, I consider this mod to be obsolescent and I am no longer using it myself. I will try to continue offering limited support but with a low priority, and I will not continue development. People to use EK_RingLimiter instead.

Amongst the earliest mods published for Skyrim were plugins that removed the limitation on the number of rings and amulets that could be worn at once. These tended to work in the same sort of way, by playing tricks with the equipment slots so the game was fooled into allowing more than one ring or amulet at once, usually at the expense of not allowing equipped rings or amulets to be visible when worn. And for most people who didn't like the vanilla limitation (including me) this was an acceptable tradeoff.

This mod does not implement some clever way of getting round the limitation while still letting equipped jewelry be visible, instead it addresses the different issue that these early mods had - specifically that they WERE early mods, and as such were developed before the CK was released and/or were made with broken third-party tools.

Specifically, I wanted a mod that implemented the same functionality as Skyrim Unlimited Rings and Amulets (http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/6703) but created with more modern tools (SURA works, but has caused Wrye Bash problems in the past, and TES5Edit also grumbles about dubiously-formed records). SURA itself has not been updated since January 21 2012, which was definitely before the CK came out ...

Anyway, this mode replicates SURA's functionality, but is (a) smaller, (b) more compartmentalised, (c) has Dawnguard and Dragonborn support, (d) incorporates any UKSP fixes and (e) was constructed with much more trustworthy tools (and the CK).

NOTE NOTE: This is only supported for Skyrim 1.8.151 or later (it uses BOD2 records, rather than the older BODT records).

Release History

Version 1.0, 2012-11-13: Initial Release.
Version 1.1, 2013-01-27: Update to incorporate UKSP 1.2.7 changes.
Version 1.2, 2013-02-06: Update to incorporate Dragonborn.