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This adds a player home based on a viking longhouse picture i found.
Perfect for storing 5-6 followers.

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I have long since stopped playing skyrim, so i no longer have an interest in furthering my projects, so people may edit/improve/fix my uploaded mods. :) as long as i get credited for my original work.[SIZE=7]Viking longhouse - Halrafn[/SIZE]

This is a simple house with all the necessity's Crafting, alchemy, enchanting. to me it feels like these types of houses should of been in skyrim because of the viking Base skyrim has (rune stones, and the nord/viking style)

This adds a player home based on a viking longhouse picture i found. also the first picture in the Photo List. This also it adds a follower to the Longhouse. (Bergfinn) His fighting style is dual war axe. P.S his armor in picture is there because i have a armor replace. in CK its Bandit Mage armor. Changed his armor in V1.1. Bergfinn Should not be rehomed as he has a package that will stuff up the re-homing

I tried to make the exterior as accurate as possible to the picture (Look at pictures - drawing) and the interior i tried to make like the one i seen on the television.

as for the interior i was watching this program (the coast) and it had a viking longhouse and i thought well why not make this as my house. and here it is now.

Please give some feedback =)
and im willing to take in ideas. My mind is limited.

This is located near the solitude lighthouse. (has mapmarker)


extract contents in your Skyrim directory.

Fixed Wall Plaques and book shelves. and fixed navmesh were npc would get stuck near first door and i fixed the map marker name.

I have added 4 more npc's (dont play huge part atm) fixed a couple more bugs. added docks. added enchanting and alchemy lab. and some more general clutter around the house.

Viking longhouse now with another room and added mead all over the place.

this version does not have the weapons and shields from asguardviking. there is no difference From V1.5 in the house just that there is not his items included in this version. I suggest using the other one because of viking immersion. but its your choice.

Proper player home version Only one NPC/follower (bergfinn)
this download should include weapons and shields from AsGuardViking
Npc's should make this their home with the mod: My home is your home or some other follower Re-homing mod.
Made Bergfinn a bard that plays in taverns inn's and the viking longhouse.
Removed the smith's and made the dock the player smithing area.

AsguardVikingfor the weapons and Shields used on Bergfinn and another npc. Mod

If you would like to craft the weapons and shields in this mod then you will have to download AsGuardViking's mod because i have removed the crafting.

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