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This mod will allow you to fashion your own scrolls. I always found that, while useful, you never found enough scrolls in the game to be able to rely on them. So I decided to fix that.

You can craft your own scrolls at special "Scroll Enchanting Fonts" located in each on the hold capital keeps (Dragon's Reach in Whiterun, Understone Keep in Markarth, etc). There is also one additional font located in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary.

The first thing I did was I renamed the "Roll of Paper" found throughout Skyrim to "Roll or Parchment", and added crafting recipes at the tanning benches to make Parchment from animal hides. You get the same amount of Parchment as you would Leather from each hide (One from a wolf, four from a bear, etc).

I took advantage of an unused "Disenchanting Font" located in the Creation Kit, so just look for the small, evil looking sink near the Enchanting Alters.

Then I proceeded to make 63(!) crafting recipes to allow you to make the scrolls for yourself.

You will need four things to make your own scrolls (2 physical objects and 2 character stats). You will need an aforementioned Roll of Parchment, a filled soul gem of proper size (Petty for Novice spells, Lesser for Apprentice spells, Common for Adept spells, Greater for Expert spells, and Grand for Master spells) but cannot use Black Soul Gems because it saved me work. Your character will have to know the spell you wish to scribe and must have the casting Perk of proper level.

In this version, each filled soul gem now provides enough power to create three scrolls per crafting. You now need to bring three pieces of parchment.

In this version, soul gems no longer need to be filled. They as a battery for magika, not as the power source alone. Makes crafting scrolls much more economical.

An ESM version to make it easier to add the Scroll Making Font to other mods you have, like custom house mods.

1.0 - Initial Release
1.1 - Added three scrolls I forgot: Calm, Pacify, and Harmony
- Discovered that there were only eight other spells that I could add, so I did. Those spells are:
Detect Life
Bound Sword, Battleaxe, and Bow
Icy Spear
1.1a - User feedback has prompted me to make three optional versions available:
- More Scrolls Edition: Soul gems now provide enough power to make multiple scrolls per filled gem. Each soul gem will now create three scrolls (with three rolls of parchment).
- Empty Soul Gem Edition: Soul gems no longer provide the power for the scroll, just the means to store it Recipe now uses Empty Soul Gems.
- ESM Version: Makes adding the Scroll Font easier to other mods, like custom houses.

These new scrolls are UNTESTED, they may not have been in the base game for a reason. Use at your own risk!

You can now create scrolls for any basic (non-quest related or special gift like "Flaming Familiar") spell that exists in the game (there are now 74 available), but only those that are commonly available, special quest related or unique scrolls cannot be made. I caved in, so now you can make a scroll for any spell you can learn, aside from "concentration" effects such as "Flames", "Sparks", "Telekinesis", etc. It was not hard to do, it was just tedious like I thought it would be.

If you find any bugs, please post them in the discussion thread.