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This mod replaces the FineClothes02 model with the Nocturnal dress, fitted for Calientes Body Mod Big Bottom Edition

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Nocturnal Outfit for Caliente Body version 0.1 Big Bottom Edition

Requires Caliente Body v0.1 BBE edition!

This is an outfit replacer for the female Fine Clothes 02, that replaces the default ugly brown quilt with the Nocturnal Outfit. As a bonus, the Caliente Body provides a much curvier body for the bits that you can see beneath!

The body mesh is an edit of the vanilla Skyrim nude body (lovingly known as Astrid), and will match up with vanilla head, hand and feet models without any additional mods. The body texture is also a modification of the vanilla texture, and is an edited version of Thepal's Nude Women body texture (found on skyrim nexus). Improved mesh and textures will be forthcoming!

Two meshes are included, a 'light weight' mesh and a 'heavy' one -- the primary difference is the size of the breasts and butt. This allows the in-game weight slider can be used to control the size of your character's features. Note that the neck, wrists, and ankles body will also grow larger with larger weights -- this is primarily to avoid seam gaps between hand, head, and feet meshes.

To install, copy the included meshes folder to your skyrim/data directory. Get in game and find some fine clothes! (also "player.additem cee80" in the console if you're too far from any sort of civilization.

some others have created great variations on this mod, check them out:
- White, translucent, and short by Nalim666
- Nocturnal robe skimpy by devacore
- Cleric Armor Upgrade Ebony by Sharda

Master Mage Robe Replacer by domaik

Zonzai has created some nice texture replacers.These do not work with the default file, but I've uploaded a new package that is compatible with Zonzai's work. By default, that package works the same as the normal one (replacing fineclothes 02), and works along side zonzai's mod. When installed that way, Zonzai's meshes will not use CBBE. Included in the Zonzai compatible package is an optional folder with replacements for Zonzai's dress meshes so that they will use CBBE.

- Improved body mesh (more polygons for smoother surfaces and better animation/shadows and improved anatomy) (done, v02)

Thanks for taking a look at my outfit!

Also take a look at the Caliente Body Big Bottom Edition nude body replacer for when Nocturnal is simply not skimpy enough!