Tiny Assassin Hideout by Acid Zebra
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The decline of the Dark Brotherhood in Tamriel has been going on for a long time, and some have left the Skyrim chapter because they could not bear to see what Astrid has done to the old ways. What happened to the assassin who chose to settle in the marshes of Hjaalmarch? As with many shady characters, their final fate remains unknown. Cobwebs and dead torture victims indicate the assassin has been gone a long time.

But you can make their hideout your own - if you can find it.

A small island with a tree
where the deathbell blooms for thee
and a lone nirnroot grows
Is the hideout that I chose

Comes with cooking station, alchemy/poison crafting table, bookshelf space (who says assassins don't read?) and if you can find the secret weapons/practice room, several dagger racks, a mannequin, and weapon/armor crafting stations. Has convenient "drop 'n go" chests and another weapons rack by the exit for quick in-and-out loot drops. And of course a map marker for fast travel.

As always, it's follower-friendly, item-safe, and shouldn't interfere with other mods. It's pretty dark though, looks fine in vanilla but may be VERY dark if you use ENB/realistic lighting mods/that sort of thing. Requires only Skyrim - no DLCs (but should work with them just fine).

The fourth in my tiny hideout series, aimed at starting players or those not looking for a honking great mansion (not that those aren't great). For the others, see the Tiny Alchemist Hut, Tiny Mage Tower, and Tiny Tree Home.