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Updated now for 0.126 and SweetFX 1.3 An ENB for every computer! This is a Rebuild of ZHPenb for the new ENB dlls; including High and Extreme Quality presets (6 performance options), uses SweetFX as a proxy DLL for a secondary layer of post-processing, plenty of options to customize to your taste.

Permissions and credits
Retired dll's can be found at Beautiful Skyrim

If you like my work, my newest ENB can be found here: z ENB (It also has a High Performance Preset) ;)

Whats new in 2.0?

  • Performance Options: While ZHPenb v1.0-v1.5 were purely no frills high performance ENBs; v2.0 includes plenty of performance options.
  • Still High-Performance: I tested the high-performance versions of this ENB on my laptop, I assure you, if a GT420M can run it, you can.
  • SweetFX Injector: ZHPenb v2.0 uses SweetFX as a proxy DLL, which basically means FXAA + SMAA & more all in one; if you use 4x AA or lower, you can switch it off and use one of the SweetFX presets in the "Options" folder for a performance boost!
  • Skyrim is Skyrim: I believe that the Weather and Lighting of Vanilla Skyrim is great, I have tried to keep most of that character intact.

Videos by Hodilton!


  • If this is the first time you are installing an ENB; please watch the video above.
  • If you hate watching videos, hate youtube, hate Hodilton, have a bandwidth limit, or are super-intelligent and realized this enb has more specific instructions; read below.
  • First Download, extract and copy the ENB 0.126 files to your Skyrim folder. (If you are confused about Injector/Wrapper, read the next section)
  • Download and extract this ENBs files anywhere. (Just NOT Skyrims' folder)
  • First Copy the 'Core Files' folder files to Skyrim's folder. (Overwrite)
  • Then choose a pefrormance preset from the folder called "Select your Pefrormance"; and copy it to Skyrim's folder (Overwrite)
  • There are a lot of optional files inside the "Options" folders that are optional.. really. Just copy what you need to Skyrim's folder (Overwrite)

Injector/Wrapper, which one to use?

You always use the wrapper version of ENB unless you have one of the problems below with it.

  • Huge frame-rate drop, probably means you have a multi-GPU setup and Skyrim is using the wrong GPU (Optimus laptops/ATI equivalent, dunno what its called)
  • Black clouds (Not at night), blue grass, backwards flying dragons (Oh wait, thats normal in Skyrim); basically if something seems wrong to you, you can check if using the injector fixes it.
  • ENB not working at all. (No text in the top-left corner when Skyrim starts)
  • Finally if you have decided to use the injector version, make sure you delete d3d9.dll from Skyrim's folder; and yes it has to be running for ENB to detect the game when Skyrim starts. (Also anti-viruses may interfere with the injector, watch out for that)

My game looks nothing like your Screenshots!!

The following mods should NOT be active with this ENB (The game wont go bonkers, it just wont look the same)

  • Realistic Lighting with Customization (RL)
  • Revamped Exterior Fog
  • Climates of Tamriel (CoT) - May do a CoT specific version later.
  • Ultra Realistic World Lighting (URWL)
  • Anything else that modifies lighting/weather settings in Skyrim.

Recommended Mods:

No/Low FPS drop:

Moderate/High FPS drop: