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About this mod

This mod contains 4 in-game guidebooks for console commands & item codes, DawnGuard-HearthFires|Dragonborn|perks/shouts/spells

Permissions and credits
This mod contains a series of 4 in-game guidebooks: console commands and item codes, DawnGuard and HearthFires item codes, Dragonborn item codes & Item codes for perks, shouts & spells.
The only requirement to install this mod is Syrim 1.8.15 ...
... is probably not a good idea to try to call up items for DLCs you don't have installed - the game can get a bit buggy when you start throwing unknowns at it ;)

All books are craftable using 1 leather & 2 rolls of paper at the tanning rack.

Please note that in the DLC item code books any time a code looks something like xx12345 that you will need to substitue the load order number for that DLC as installed in your game.
If you're not sure of the load order you can use BOSS, Wrye Bash or Nexus mod manager to see it or you can Pull up your game with the Skyrim launcher, select "Data Files" and count.
Here's my load order:
00 Skyrim.esm
01 Update.esm
02 Dawnguard.esm
03 HearthFires.esm
04 Dragonborn.esm

So...If I wanted Dragonborn item xx12345 I would type in 0412345

if you'd rather not go down to the tanning rack to craft the books, just drop into console by hitting the tilde key ~ and type help "item codes" WITH the quotes

Feel free to leave any comments, questions, suggestions or requests you may have.

!--->If upgrading from a previous version, please uninstall & delete the earlier version before installing<---!

Use Nexus MOD manager or extract both files to your skyrim/Data directory

Use Nexus MOD manager or simply delete:
Data/consolecommandsanditemcodes.esp & Data/consolecommandsanditemcodes.bsa
*for R4 filenames are consolecommandsanditemcodesR4.bsa/esp

This mod did not alter any vanilla places or items, should not conflict with anything and can be placed anywhere in the load order.
Files checked for errors/conflicts using TES5Edit 3.0.26 before uploading

R4 - Added Dragonborn item code volume, tweaked compression; reduced file size to 1/2 of the original -- Skyrim 1.8.15 (update 11) required

R3.1 - Added Morokei mask, inserted a breif description of how to determine the first 2 digits of Dawnguard/HearthFires item codes, minor formatting changes

R3 - No DawnGuard or HearthFires required - Skyrim 1.8.15 (update 11) required

R2 - added 3rd volume - Perks, Shouts & Spells;consolidated inventory art to reduce file size;increased price to 25 each

R1 (redux) - Added Dawnguard & HearthFires Item Codes volume; added custom inventory art for the books, removed blatant pandering from the end of the volume ;)

Final-rev - revised incorrect item code(s)

Final - corrected the startup message & removed a mistaken console command

V2.5 - packed the 1 script & source into the archive; added a few more console commands; minor formatting

V2.3 - no quest; smaller font size & reformatted the text - all items/codes now fit on one line; less page flipping!; added a few more console commands

V2.2 - a no-quest version, automatically adding the guidebook to player inventory

V2.1 - added ammunition, weapons, armor & clothing item codes

V1.1 - initial release - Console commands, crafting, soulgems, alchemy ingredients & HearthFires building materials