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this mod adds This mod adds adaptable Argonian child for hearthfire DLC

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Ram-Ku is….

He is young but also he is a traveler. He comes from the land called Black Marsh which is far far away from Skyrim. He could be “The Sea Squall” of crew in kindness of old man who was captain of the ship. The reason why he becomes traveler is to find out Dark brother hood and become one of them for his revenge. His parent was slaughted by slave hunters in front of him. He was young but remembers every face and moment. Unfortunately (or luckily) he couldn’t find this secret group till he reaches at the north end of Skyrim. Moreover after the old captain died, there are opinions that kicking out Ram-Ku from the ship between crews.

Ram-Ku needs help now. He has strong will, but he is still young. What are you going to do with this poor child who could not stop his revenge because of a great? You can heal his mind with your kindness or you can train him as he wish, it depends on you.

This mod adds adaptable Argonian child on Dawnstar north port. You can meet him on ship called The Sea Squall.

Different with other child, he could be nice follower, if you are using mod called “Make any child your follower”

He will have same level of your level (let’s see him as very talented boy)
He believe you so much, so he will not against you, even you commit crimes
He is talented on two handed weapon
He is good at blocking
He is brave boy
He prefer heavy armor
He is young but knows honor of Argonians , so he will not attack anybody until he got hit.

Known issues
Do not give him child clothes. He cannot wear it. (But he can wear every outfit without child clothes, you can play around with console commend or try to use some other mod make you can access to children’s inventory
if you want to give child clothes to him
try out my other mod
Child clothes for adult based children-My little addon


If you are playing around with other outfit, some of outfit going to make crack between neck and body, in this case. I put a special cloth collar inside his inventory for incase. Use this. It will hide every crack.

If you are bring him as follower it could have the skill bug that make your follower’s skill value stuck on minimum level. This bug is not from my mod it’s belonging to game itself.
How to fix
1. Open the console commend window ( ` key)
2. Click the kid
3. Then you are going to get reference Id of Ram-Ku on above consol commend window.
4. Type setclass 0001ce15 and enter

If you can’t find him on ship, try to reorganize your mod order.(try to put the mod on last order of your mods)


Hearth fire DLC