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I Made This For My Own Use.I First Made It Inside The Game As A Companion Without using Any Other Tools.Just Skyrim.exe.
The Changes Were Saved On My Save File So I Used A Hex Editor To Convert Them To A Mod.
Sadly I Had Used This Eye Model.Beware it replaces the Brown Blood Shot Eye.

Credits To :
The Author Of This Mod :
The Author Of Better Females By Bella :

Keep In Mind That This Mod Was Made With Better Females By Bella V 3.It Best Works With That

Location : Find Her At Jorvaskir.If You Become A Companion She Can Become Your Follower.
However If you Wish To Cheat To Get Her Ive Included A Bat File Winch Comes With The Mod.
After you've installed the mod Simply Bring Up The Console - Click Her While The Console Is Open - A Number With Appear Inside The Console[In The Middle] Once That Appears Type :
Bat ally

Now She Can Marry And Follow You.
Altough It Would Have Been The Same If You Joined The Companions.

Also - I Had Removed The Download With manager button because i didnt know if it works with nexus mod manager.I Still Dont Know So I Suggest if you know how to manualy install the mod do it that way.