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UnderTows Farmstead


Once Owned by a Master Arcane Jeweller
UnderTow Manor was built above a small mine,
and was transformed into a beautiful farmstead to Hide its location.

Many years have passed since the owners mysterious disappearance, the Manor has been left dormant ever since

Only recently to be occupied by yourself

A courier manages to find you, and delivers a letter.
From there you meet the only person left with a key to the Manor.
After paying a hefty sum of gold you proceed to moving into your New Home.

Upon arrival you find the Building to be Run down and overgrown from vegetation,
Once inside you see that your servant you hired has dusted and cleaned the living areas
and is preparing a feast for your first night

After a hearty meal and a good nights sleep, you awaken with the desire to search your new home.

After closer inspection and to your surprise, you discover this house has many secrets, yet to be discovered.

************ IF UPDATING ***************

Its best remove your items, and do a clean save, to reset moved furniture, and items.


Farmstead Located Near Half Moon Hill.

Complete with Stables, Crops, Cows and Chickens, And the magnificent Manor House.

This can be used as a main your main Home or a Quiet retreat, or a home for a follower.

This mod is Designed for Characters who were born wealthy or have Acquired wealth
There is a Maid Inside who Cooks and cleans your house, she also refills Containers and ensures There is always plenty of food available.

Although the Manor cost 10k, you will find over 20x that worth of treasure inside.

You will need to find keys throughout the house to gain access to all areas.
Search High and Low, Keys can be anywhere.

Sorry the recording and voice acting is bad i will redo at some

Roleplaying options:

Nobleman with a Piece of Land
Wealthy Adventurer
A Powerful Craftsman
Humble land Owner


A Large Manor House
Stables with Horses
Small Farming area
Balcony for Sunset viewing
Complete Crafting Area
A Complete Kitchen with Cook
A Hidden Vault with over 250k worth of Treasure
Soul Gem Forge
Scroll Creator
Living Quarters for Followers
Abandoned Mine

Soul Gem forge is located between the enchanting and alchemy tables
It allows you to Combine lesser Soul Gems into Larger Soul gems

Scrolls can be created upstairs in the study by sitting in the study chair.
To create scrolls you need a Soul Gem, the spell and a Roll of Paper.
-You can craft Paper Rolls from hides-

New Immersive Container System >

which makes all containes look like what they represent.
Includes, Food Storage and spawn locations, Scroll box, Potions cabinet, enchanting cabinet, Ore, Furs, Leather, Ingots, Alcohol barrels, and the Family Vault.


All versions are now in 1 file

Just go downstairs into one of the spare rooms across from the Miners Quarters, and you will find a Customization Cabinet

Read the Customization Note and just deactivate any features you dont want.

***NOTE*** you can only make your choice once, you cant reverse the descision other than doing a clean save****

********IF using Full version********

Some of the Food and Gold Containers are set to respawn

****ONLY STORE goods in labled containers, safes, empty barrels**

****ONLY STORE food in "cooked meals Container, ingredients container, or empty barrels***

****Any Containers that are empty will not respawn****

fixes rock thru wall

Hides hidden locations on Local map

Adds a new Puzzle
Adds Clean Save Clothes - to wear when u have to pack all your gear and do a clean save
- Clothes give 10000 carryweight just for doing a clean save.
Fixes Customization Switches (moved to correct location)

Adds Optimization Barriers to help improve frame rate

Fully Customizable Version

Adds the ability to buy the house
Adds a Broom in different areas to remove some of the cobwebs if desired.
Minor Cluttter changes

Adds a Mine underground, miners barracks, followers and maids quarters

Removed a light that lit up the entire house and wast supposed to.

Renamed all Activator IDs to prevent any conflicts with other mods

Edits the NPC schedule
Adds a Soul Gem Forge Which allows you to, Craft Soul Gems from lesser soul gems.
Adds Craftable Scrolls Via "Enchanting Scrolls Mod"
Edited Lounge
Moved cooking pot

Adds more interactable alcohol Barrels, changed a few loot values, added a study with scroll container upstairs
added Spoiler key locations, Screenshots folder

Updated, changed a few loot values, added more interactable areas
Created 4 versions for Different play styles

First Working and stable version
with new immersive container system

1.0.1 -1.0.9
Beta testing and developement

Scroll Creator Resources came from Enchanting Scrolls
Check his mod out, it adds Scroll Creators (Fonts) to the castles of skyrim
DownLoad From here
Thanks to rad666a for allowing me to use his resources.

Spoiler Key Locations are located in a Separate file mainly just to reduce the download size of the main file.


There is a bug where Xeever sometimes may not speak to you. just do a quicksave and reload and he will talk to you.


i hope you enjoy this mod please leave feedback on playability and thoughts