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About Passtime
Alpha test of a Lightweight, scripted mod that allows you to perform idle animations at the press of a key. No spells, no activator items, no quests, just key presses. You will also be temporarily put into god mode during the animation so you can't be killed.

It is basically a scripted mod that has been floating around in my head for ages which I never got around to making until now.

As I stated in the first paragraph, this is an alpha test (and I mean it) so expect bugs and other various issues. I may add more animations over time, but cannot promise anything as I already have a lot of other mod work to be doing :)

Please remember to leave feedback!

Skyrim 1.8.

Latest version of SKSE. Google is your friend...

A brain.

The Keys And Their Corresponding Actions
INSERT - Warm hands by the fire. Press key again to stop.
HOME - Start reading a book. Press key again to stop.
PAGE UP - Dance. Stops automatically.
DELETE - Sit down looking sad. Press key again to stop.
END - Lie down on the floor. Press key again to stop.
PAGE DOWN - Sit down looking unwell. Press key again to stop.

Known Bugs
Sometimes causes the game to crash when loading. Although, this could be an issue on my end for all I know :P

After reading the book, it gets stuck on your character's hand. Just draw and put away your weapon to get rid of it.

Not tested for save bloating or other permanent issues yet, so please back up your saves...

Animations end abruptly. This is because I am forcing them to stop for safety reasons. I've had enough arguments with idle anims getting stuck in the past...


I just dare you to blame me for not heading my warnings :)

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