Subliminal Traps 2dot1 Now with Sovngarde Edition and SAF Edition by Mr Dave
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Originally posted March 4, 2012
"due to the conflict of interest created by the Steam Workshop attempting to claim ownership of modders' IP, I must insist that nothing I create ever has the potential of being uploaded there."

You will be hit with a DMCA take down.

Mesh replacer for the stone pressure plates. It gets rid of the huge egg and round shaped plates altogether and replaces them with a few small rocks I made. It uses a vanilla texture, so it will blend in with both default and customized environments.

Makes the pressure plates "subtle as ****". They are literally just a slight bump on the ground.
Only use this, or the Sovngarde Edition, as they replaces the same pressure plates.

Sovengarde Edition Demo Video

SAF Edition Demo Video

For those interested, I've set up a YouTube page for tutorials. I've had a lot of requests for this, and finally got around to doing it.
Update to 2.1
Makes a correction to an error that Kevkas caught. Thank you Kevkas!
Update to 2:
Semi transparent tripwire has been made more transparent.
Pressure plate has been edited to try to blend it into its surroundings better.

All main and alternate files are now included in one main file. Please go through them and decide on which texture replacers you would like to use.

RLO VERSION is designed to work with those using RLO for lighting. Please see pics.
RLO TRIPWIRE is designed to be a spotty 'kinda line' for the tripwire.

NMM INSTALLER by KEVKAS is now up! Thank you Kevkas!

While I don't normally use existing content to do anything with, I couldn't resist this one.
I was getting bored with being able to see trap pressure plates the second they were on the screen, so I changed them to match the majority of the rocks which surround them.
Enjoy :)


baelrath suggested making the triwpire thinner, but editing the mesh only crashed the game, so I edited the textures to make two variants. One that is semi transparent and one that is completely invisible. Only use one of them.

Alternate Pressure Plates is an optional texture which has an X "engraved" into the stone for slightly better noticing.

For those wanting tougher traps along with something like this, Nemesis601 was kind enough to post a link to this.
Tougher Traps

And for those gluttons for punishment, we shamelessly present:
Deadlier Traps and Sickly Diseases
This one's ^ brutal. :)