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Falkreath Creek A new landscape mod for skyrim by C0331 and Livelover
Skyrim » New Lands
Added: 05/11/2012 - 01:08PM
Updated: 05/04/2014 - 08:27PM

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Uploaded by C0331


Last updated at 20:27, 5 Apr 2014 Uploaded at 13:08, 5 Nov 2012

New version :

Falkreath Creek- A new landscape mod for skyrim.

Falkreath Creek is a DLC sieze project to bring a expansion to falkreath and beyond !

in version N1.0 (new version)
falkreath creek has been build from the ground up as a new mod , and put all the things I learned from the previous version into this one.

The creek is located near the border with hammerfell , in falkreath

the idea of the creek , is that there a zone of the forest behind a hard to accses area it is infeseted with bandits and talos wereshipers use it to

As of yet there are non , but I placed unique monsters and some unique loot to find. Livelover is working on the quest.

the zone as said above is about the sieze of falkreath hold. but will be expanded even more with addons

Current stat :
As of know the creek is playable , and the landscape of this current layout is FINAL and most objects are allready there.

The future :
The creek will have new interiors , player home , quests , and even more lands to visit !

There are two files

Old version of the creek for nostalgia perposis , it will be merged into the new one at one point.

The brand new alpha, its the current version but due to being not finshed to 100% its in the optional files.

to find the new zone just go to the same area as in the older version
-Current one has no map markers , and is set in a new worldspace DELETE OLD VERSION if you use it !!!!!!!!