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Endorse if you like it (why not, it's free), and report any bugs in the comments.

I've just uninstalled the Creation Kit and Skyrim, so official support for the mod by me is now over, as of July 2014.

Main Features

This mod adds a new island with a few new items to collect. The island has a working worldmap with fast travel. There are no quests, just a new place to explore (though you can probably figure out what direction the story would go). To reach the island, find one of the three books scattered around Skyrim (see the images for exact locations), and to leave, find another book hidden on the island (aka kill the boss). These books can be read anytime, but will NOT bring your follower with you to the island.

Update (v1.0)
-->Got the LOD (and worldmap) mostly working
-->Fully navmeshed the island


Skyrim must be updated to the latest patch

Via NMM or Mod Organizer: Everything follows the basic procedure.
Manually: Again, follow standard procedure, just drag, drop, and merge.

Uninstall Info:
Remove any object added by the mod from any inventories or containers you care about (just to be safe), and remove as usual.

Warnings/Troubleshooting/Things to Know

You can't save in the exterior spaces and load back in there (but you can in any interior space). Currently if you save in the exteriors and load that save, the game will dump you in Riverwood.

If you travel back to the island after leaving it, ensure you bring the book to leave with you, otherwise you will have to coc out.

The new welkynd stones function mostly like a torch does, but can be a little buggier. To fix any strange animations, just draw a weapon and everything will work. Also, the welkynd stones will not glow when dropped until you save and quit (this has to do with how vanilla torches are implemented in the game).

The dwemer towers don't fully appear in the worldmap.

If you check, the mod does have a dirty edit, but it will not affect anything, and is part of the CK LOD generation.

Setting uGrids higher will definitely improve the appearance of the mod, but you should obviously be careful if you do so.


Tamb0 and ElijahHouck for problem solving

TurtleLover25 for motivating me to pick-up work again on the mod

HoddminirGroundTextures by elinen

Adabala Building System - Ayleid Transfusion by Varlaisaran

Ayleid Clutter by InsanitySorrow via TESAlliance Skyrim Resource Kit

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