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Magic is secret, and the main way to learn spells is by practicing. Discovering new spells happens when a magic skill increases. Spells from Dawnguard and other mods are not afected.

=== SEE ALSO ===
Autodidact Wizard is on Steam.
Autodidact Wizard is a GEMS component, at section 300.


=== DETAILS ===
-When a magic skill increases, you learn spells by yoursef (after reaching skill level 25, 50 and 75.)
-You learn all novice spells after increasing the corresponding magic skill (with a skill book, a teacher, or by practicing if you already have a spell.)
-Special spells like transmute can't be learn by yoursef, you still need to find the spell tome in the game.

-You can enable or disable perk restrictions with the "Autodidact Wizard" power (learned after the first load.)
-With perk restriction disable, learning spells only require to reach the skill level 25, 50 or 75.
-With the perk restriction enable, apprentice, adept and expert spells can only be learned if you have respectively the novice, apprentice or adept perk. And for destruction, fire, frost or shock adept and expert spells are learned only if you have the perk of the element (Augmented Flames, Augmented Frost and Augmented Shock.)

Full compatible with all mods.
This mod does not change spells, it only changes the way to learn them.

=== UPDATES ===

Version 4 (19/11/2012)
Learn Spell System :
The player do never forget any spell.

Starting Spells :
The player still start with the healing and flames spells.
Due to a modification to the spell tomes which cause shut downs, spell tomes have been reset to vanilla.
Spell Tome :
The spell tomes are still removed from the player's inventory after being used.
Dungeon Chests and NPC Loots :
All LeveledItem (loot items) have been reset to vanilla.
Master Spells :
The Master Spell Quests and their rewards have been reset to vanilla.

version 3 (09/11/2012)
Spell Tomes :
Now reading a spell tome do not consume it, you keep it in your bag.[/strike]
Merchants still have spell tomes in their goods.
[strike]If you encounter a problem with this update, upload the last version on Nexus :
Autodidact Wizard on Nexus

version 2 (06/11/2012)
Menu Option :
You can now acces to a menu option with the power "Autodidact Wizard". The player will learn AutodidactWizard after the game starting. In this menu, the player can enable or disable the perk restriction condition.
Player Actor :
The player start without the flames and healing spells.

Perk Conditions :
[strike]Perk conditions has been removed.[/strike]
Spell Tome Loot :
Now Vampires and Warlocks loot spell tome more frequently.

Restoration :
Now at level 50, StrongHealing upgrades Healing.
Spell Tome Loots :
Looting LItemSpellTomesSpecial (all common spell tomes with a player level check) is a little more frequent than before for the following boss chests :

30/10/2012 :
Interface :
Fix a problem that when having a skill level, messages of old spells displayed.
Conjuration spells :
[strike]Now DreadZombie upgrades Revenant, and Revenant upgrades ReanimateCorpse[/strike]
Destruction spells :
Now learning FireBall requires AugmentedFlames perk at rank 1, Incinerate and WallOfFlames require it at rank 2.
Learning IceStorm require AugmentedFrost perk at rank 1, Icy Spear and WallOfFrost require it at rank 2.
Learning ChainLightning requires AugmentedShock perk at rank 1, Thunderbolt and WallOfStorms require it at rank 2.