Greybeards Op Robes by DarkMonster
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Added: 04/11/2012 - 05:18PM
Updated: 17/11/2012 - 01:59AM

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Last updated at 1:59, 17 Nov 2012 Uploaded at 17:18, 4 Nov 2012

This mod allows you to craft and use the Greybeards Robes. The only Difference is that these, unlike the original, are abit Overpowerd but hard to get.

I have changed the vanilla boots for the ones from nightngale armor and added gloves from the nightngale armor.

It can be forged using the Skyforge under the misc section:

Hood: leather (4), Leather strips (3), Black soulgem (2)
Tunic: Leather (6), Leather strips (8), Black soulgem (2)
Gloves: Leather (4), Leather strips (6), Black soulgem (2)
Boots: Leather (2), Leather strips (4), Black soulgem (2)

Stats (light Armor):
Hood: 40
Tunig: 81
Boots: 32
Gloves: 30

The enchantments:
(Hood) DragonBlood: Shout recovery 20%, Magicka regen: 100%, Fire res: 55%
(Gloves) Voice master: Shout recovery 20%, Magicka regen 50%, Magic res 55%
(Tunic) Battle mage: health regen 75%, Magicka regen 100%, Destruction damage 225% stronger
(Boots) Destruction master: Magicka regen 100%, Magicka +80, Destruction damage 125% stronger

It is quite Overpowered, but there will be another file with lower enchantment level if it is requested (half of what they all are now).

Update 1.1:
Fixed the bug were the armor was not craftable at the tanning rack.
Basicaly i just moved it to skyforge (not a normal forge). It should be under the misc section and the old duplicated crafting was removed.