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Last updated at 5:55, 4 Mar 2013 Uploaded at 15:38, 4 Nov 2012

A mod that allows you to Craft Septims From Gold Ingots, And Melt Down Septims to Gold Ingots at the Smelter. The crafting and melting mod is in 4 levels, Craft 100, 1000 and 2000 Septims from Gold ingots. And Melt down Septims to 1, 10, 20 and 40 Gold Ingots at the Smelter.

! update ! 23/02-2013 More "Thief" and "Mage" Friendly
To Craft GOLD You must have Gold Smithing perk:
It will be achievable if you have Steel Smithing and ONE of those below:
- lvl 50 Smith
- Golden Touch lvl 60 Lockpick
- Cutpurse lvl 40 pickpocket
- Merchant or Persuasion lvl 50 speak
- Adept Alteration lvl 50 Alteration
Fixed the insane Smithingbuff. now you do not jump 13 levels or so to smith a iron dagger ;) Thank you " TheOutlander" for the info on the forum.

* To avoid farming of smithing xp, All Gold crafting this mod do, has been moved to the Smelter.
* To Make the crafting coins more Lore Friendly renamed the coin from Gold to Septim since it is septims that been crafted, Septims is the Empires craftsmanship,
* The smelting recipe only will show if You got The Needed Materials to Craft, Due to keep the menu as clean as possible.

Tax Edition Can now be found here :

No need asking for permission to Translate this mod to other language. Just make a link to this original file. (and a little thanks on your site would be nice ;) )