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this mod allow player can adopt a Khajiit male child on hearthfire

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Ma’Rakha is….
Ma’Rakha is a child of Riften. Around Ratway is the best play ground for him, for now…

.Ma’Rakha’s mother worked for Honorhall Orphanage but harsh weather of Skyrim and people’s discrimination made her weaker and weaker, and she couldn’t recover from it.

But fortunately Ma’Rakha is such a cheerful and claver boy, he grown up like a sweet child ever, even he has been lonely between Nords.

He is a perfect child. The bad rumor that he learned the hand skill form ratway’s thieves cannot so much as be a fult.

Ma’Rakha has hope. It’s very simple but earnest hope. He wants to have a family, a real family who can be with him and love him every time. Big house and fine clothes are not an attractive suggestion for him, because you are the one he really wants to have.
“Could you be my family..?

This is a simple mod that replaces Samuel who is one of orphan on Riften orphan house to Khajiit boy called Ma’Rakha to make player can adopt kahjiit race child for Hearthfile DLC.
You can adopt him after you finish the first dark brotherhood quest.

I highly recommend using cover khajiit texture mod ( ) this will make him nicer.

Different with other child, he could be nice follower, if you are using mod called “Make any child your follower”

He will have 80% level of your level
He love you so much, so he will not against you, even you commit crimes
He is really good at lock picking
He is good at sneaking and one handed weapon
He can use duel weapon
He prefer light armor
He is sweet child, so he will not attack anybody until he got hit.

for optional file
-cartoony face patch
it make his face more cartoony and cuter.

-Korean translate version
Korean translate esp file

_________________________________change log_____________________________________

added non placed version
Ma'Rakha will not replace Samuel
still you can meet Ma'Rakha at the Riften orphanage
for the safety I highly recommend install this mod after your first visiting of the Riften orphanage.

Known issues
Do not give him child clothes. He cannot wear it. (But he can wear every outfit without child clothes, you can play around with console commend or try to use some other mod make you can access to children’s inventory
if you want to give child clothes to him
try out my other mod
Child clothes for adult based children-My little addon


If you are playing around with other outfit, some of outfit going to make crack between neck and body, in this case. I put a special cloth collar inside his inventory for incase. Use this. It will hide every crack.

If you already adopt Samuel before install this mod, he will change to Ma’Rakha. But he might be naked. In this case use console key to remove his child clothes. Then he will change his clothes to default outfit.

If you are bring him as follower it could have the skill bug that make your follower’s skill value stuck on minimum level. This bug is not from my mod it’s belonging to game itself.
How to fix
1. Open the console commend window ( ` key)
2. Click the kid
3. Then you are going to get reference Id of Ma’Rakha on above consol commend window.
4. Type setclass XXX01d9f and enter (XXX are front three numbers from reference Id of Ma’Rakha )


Hearth fire DLC

Face gen file- pretty khajiit( by tktk1