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Vairia & Khilaen

Dunmer and Altmer Companions


This mod adds two female companions to the game. The esp is cleaned, there should be no problems like CTD anymore.
They are standalone and won’t conflict with any mods. Everything you need for the girls to look the way they should is in this package, you dont have to download anything. They are using UNP body with dimon’s default underwear but they can be replaced. They share the same body meshes but different textures.
Vairia is a Dunmer who is good with a bow – she starts with a hunting bow and a hundred steel arrows, and also with scaled armor.
Khilaen is an Altmer who loves using magic. She has some healing spells but she is best as a destruction mage and she conjures her familiar to help her. She starts with a monk robe and a deadric dagger.
They both start at lvl 10 and can level up to 100. They are essential and marriable.
You can find them around the Gildergreen in Whiterun or walking the streets.


The two elven girls grew up together but they craved for adventure. Vairia’s aunt was living in Skyrim so they decided to visit her – and possibly stay there for a time. Settling in Whiterun Vairia became a hunter and Khilaen helped the Temple to heal the farmers and soldiers. It was better than back at home but they dreamt about real adventures, treasures and a meaning to their lives.


After the extraction of the file just copy the files into Data folder. Then activate the esp in the launcher.


This mod should not conflict with any other mod or overwrite textures, meshes, anything. It works fine with UFO and KingCoin’s Followers Can Relax mod (no idea about the others as I dont use them).
Also there is a possibility that Khilaen's hands are not showing up right at first. A reload or a change of clothes/armor should solve the problem.

Credits – thanks to

zzjay for the faces and hairs
dimon99 for the body meshes
candymanXXL for the textures
LogRaam for the incredible eyes
Riven1978 for the tattoes on their hands

And thanks to urshi whose patience knows no end. I don't know what I'd do without you! :)

If I left out anyone, pls contact me.