Windpeak Cottage by Spartan117JMC
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Added: 02/11/2012 - 11:03PM
Updated: 26/12/2012 - 05:32PM

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Last updated at 17:32, 26 Dec 2012 Uploaded at 23:03, 2 Nov 2012

This Player house is made pretty much from scratch using Skryim CK only.. thus you only need Skyrim to use it... It has 3 floors and the exterior is a modified farmhouse... the interior is pretty much based on the exterior etc.. even the wall beams and support pillars in the ceiling are placed by hand... the trees behind the house is placed by me etc etc... and by that... Enjoy the mod.

!!! NOTICE!!! Nawmesh added :)

(SCREENSHOTS ARE OUTDATED and does not do justice to the current state of the mod {At this time there are WAY more details than the images shows}.)

Update 1:
Added clutter, fixed bugs, added details, improved lighting, enlarged the fire in the fireplace etc.
(!!!BONUS CONTENT!!!: I have given Certain ingame objects names so that they can be taken/moved. for example the Cart can now be picked up and tossed but you cant take it. dwemer urns and pots can now be taken and so on.)

Update 2:
Added Tanning rack in smithy-Mill.
Added Smithing resources/materials in a Barrel near the smelter.
Fixed the Icy chest Bug.
Forgot the Dinner forks :P

Update 3:
Fixed Buggy Forks.
Fixed Bookshelves.

Update 4:
Added a Mannequin in the Crafting hall and
Weapon racks at: Bedroom, Fireplace and Crafting hall.
(The mannequin and weapon rack's are actually bug free as i have tested it myself.)

Update 5:
Added Navmesh in the interior and modified properly on the exterior of the Cottage,
Changed texture on the ship model on the fireplace, added a support pillar by the stairs to the top floor added some rugs and finally improved the look of the bed :)

Update 6:

Added Details to bed, removed buggy Weapon rack, added a closet by the bed wich contains 2 wooden weapon racks, modified the katana in the Crafting room {{Warning its slightly overpowered concerning the immense speed of the weapon}}(Now the katana is described as created by Captain steffan of the Cloud ruler temple in 3E434 When Martin septim tok refugee in the Cloud ruler temple to hide from the Mythic Dawn Cult), added an armor set to the "Akaviri collection" {{Also quite overpowered}} parts in the display case and the rest in the chest underneath, added some rugs, improved the look of the fireplace, made light glow from the basement windows, altered the handle color on my custom made Diamond swords, a few poles sticking out have now been hidden from the local map as they looked awefuly out of place :P

Update 7:

Added Acoustic spaces in all rooms according to size and material, added some glow from the Alchemy table and windows in mid floor, added some Nord ruin pots :), Crewated a new Disenchantment font and removed the skull on that version to make it look less sinister, added a cart and a carriage wheel "Clutter" to the Top floor

Update 8:

Added a Shelter for your horse (Will alter the navmesh around it tomorrow), Reversed the direction of the wind as i noticed it faces towards the weather 90% of the time, added light glow from outside the windows, added more details, added a candelier in the crafting hall.

The fireplace will glow slightly trough to the bedroom.
the large platter wil roll around on the dinner table (Its a bug by Bethesda and i dunno what to do about it)

Future updates "may" contain:
I may add an interior to the windmill.
{Any other ideas?}

Future updates "WILL" contain:
Bugfixes if needed.
More details.

Regards: Spartan117JMC