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Enable the player to wear a defined number of rings. Rings are dynamically adjusted, a maximum number can be defined and is enforced by SKSE-scripts.

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RingLimiter: A mod for wearing a user-defined number of rings.

RingLimiter allows you to have more than one ring equipped simultanously, what's the difference to other Unlimited Rings mods out there?

  • While the basic mechanism that allows you to wear more than one ring is the same one (namely: remove the ring-slot dependence of the item), this mod adjusts rings on the fly instead of altering them in the CK.Thus rings from mods are covered, automatically, provided they have the 'ClothingRing'-keyword set and you and I don't have to worry about keeping the mod up-to-date.
  • The mod keeps track of the number of rings you have equipped and will make sure you don't wear more than the number you've defined.

Note on amulets:
There are some problems with amulets I can do nothing about:
  • Sadly, there is no safe way to identify them: most of the "items you hang around your neck" present in vanilla are 'necklaces' and carry the 'ClothingNecklace'-keyword. However there are some things called amulets (especially the religious ones) that don't have suitable keywords. However, winterlove tells me that the USKP patch 1.2.7 adds the appropriate keyword to a lot of items
  • Some mods, namely Cloaks of Skyrims, add items that carry the ClothingNecklace keyword but are no necklaces.

  • This mod only supplies the game mechanics. I've made no effort (nor will I ;-) to display the equipped rings on your character's fingers.
  • As stated in the ReadMe, when you try to equip a ring on the inventory screen but fail because you're already wearing your defined maximum, the 'equipped' symbol beside the ring entry will be shown regardless. The display will be correct the next time the inventory is opened.

UPDATE 1.02:
Added a MCM configuration menu.

UPDATE 1.01:
Version 1.01 changes the ring/amulet detection for better compatibility with Cloaks of Skyrim and other mods that abuse the ClothingRing or ClothingNecklace keywords.
You may have to wait for the safety census (every minute) for incorrect counts from a savegame to be corrected.

Added amulets, but see description for caveats.

UPDATE 0.65:
Some cleanup in the script from preventing junk messages to Papyrus.log* in case of activated debug messages.

With v0.6 you can set your maximum ring number to -1, meaning that no ring count will be performed so you can wear an unlimited number. This is meant for machines having trouble with script performance.
Additionally now a ring is stripped of its slot dependence every time it's equipped. This is because I only now saw that the changed item slot seems not to be saved into the savegame.

This mod needs SKSE version 1.6.3 or later! In earlier versions the command RemoveSlotFromMask is broken and you'll not be able to wear more than one ring! Any SKSE version supporting Skyrim 1.8 will be fine.