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Due to continuing personal adversity, I'be been on a modding hiatus since the last update, both for this mod and my other mod, Cultist Regalia, So for now no more updates are planned. This may change soon, or may not. I'm definitely not abandoning the mod, and do have updates in mind. But for now my mods are "As Is". Thank you all for your support and endorsements.

Go check these pictures out by Zar1n. Incredible.

For the mod that positions your one handed weapons on your back as seen in the screenshots, go to

Update 2.0

-Added the unique light armor for females.
-can be crafted anywhere now.

Big thanks to Hodilton, Brodual and LiveStyleGaming for the showcases!

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This mod adds a standalone, Lore-Immersive armor to the game called Nordic Spellweaver Armor.
For males, and females
Unique body models made from several vanilla armors, to give it a truly immersive feel.
Unique gloves that further define the Battlemage class.
Boots that match the feel of the cuirass.
Unique armored hoods that tie the sets together.

To obtain the recipe for the armor, you must have the Steel Smithing perk.

Current version includes all three variants, heavy, light and cloth.
Only heavy and light versions have unique models so far. Cloth version uses the heavy's model.

Can be tempered with Corundum, at any workbench.

Future plans-
-Standalone hood/No face plate versions
-Enchanted versions, with leveled list distribution.
-Cloth version with unique model, not just armor rating.
-Better heavy model
-Beast race support

Features in progress-
-Cloth version
-Fixing aesthetic incompatibility with gloves
-Few different hood variations for heavy/ light versions
-Moving left hand bracelets from the armor mesh to the glove mesh- another aesthetic incompatibility with other armor.

Known issues as of 2.0

First person has an issue where you can see more of the mesh than is intended.
Wearing the helmet as an Argonian or Khajit is not recommended- beast race support is not yet available.
Wearing the gloves with other armors causes a mesh gap.
there is clipping with the left hand bracelet with other gloves.

Suggestions? Concerns? Lay them on me, in the comments!

To install, drop PKNordicSpellweaver.esp into your Skyrim Directory,
(for the Steam installation) C:/Program Files(x86)/Steam/Steamapps/Common/Skyrim/Data
And merge the Meshes and Textures folders in the Data folder.
Enable the file via the launcher or NMM, and play!

Having trouble? Post your issue in the comments and i'll do my best to help!

A huge portion of the credit goes to Nightasy of
Without his extensive tutorials, i couldn't have created this armor.
ActusReus for his support on the forums . go check out his Credo! Seriously!
Antiseptique and Ramakgaming for helping find bugs and suggesting fixes.
My girlfriend for putting up with days of neglect when i was ironing out issues with the mod.
Bethesda for creating such an amazing gaming world, and giving us the tools to create our own.

Thanks, guys.

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Thank you,
Peter Keller